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Find parking in Central London

Information about parking in Central London

Driving into and parking in Central London can be a challenging experience on any day – let alone through the working week. Parking spaces, both on-street and off-street, can be extremely limited and also very expensive.

An increasingly popular alternative option for many drivers is to park up at a tube or train station located outside of the main city centre, such as at Stanmore, and then commute into work from there at a fraction of the cost.

A further cost to be aware of before travelling into the city is the daily congestion charge of £11.50 for driving in a clearly defined zone covering much of Central London. It is recommended to use public transport where possible in Central London to save time, avoid costly fees and ease congestion.

JustPark provides information on lots of parking options in Central London, many of which are reservable – both on-street and off-street, from driveways to car parks.

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Additional Information

Some additional information about parking in central london, to cater to all your parking needs

  • On-street parking

    On-street parking is unsurprisingly expensive in Central London, especially when compared to other areas of Greater London. Central London generally refers to the the City of London, The City of Westminster and parts of nearby surrounding boroughs, so parking does not come under the jurisdiction of just one borough council.

    Each Borough Council will charge a different rate for on-street pay-and-display spaces, but you can expect to pay as much as £4.90 per hour in areas such as Soho or Hyde Park.

    You can use the JustPark parking map to find information on available on-street parking spaces in Central London.

    Location Operator Price Max Stay
    Little Newport Street Westminster City Council £4.90 / hour 4 hours
    Frith Street Westminster City Council £4.90 / hour 4 hours
    West Street Westminster City Council £4.90 / hour 4 hours
    Dean Street Westminster City Council £4.90 / hour 4 hours
    St Martin's Lane Westminster City Council £4.90 / hour 4 hours

  • Off-street parking

    Off-street car parks will charge a very high rate per hour or per day, with this increasing the closer you get to the central areas of London – with some starting at as much as £50 per day.

    The City of London has 7 council-run off-street car parks within its borough, all starting at the same competitive hourly rate – with the exception of Billingsgate Market car park which operates a maximum stay of 2 hours.

    NCP runs over 100 off-street car parks throughout London with many operating 24 hours a day, providing a cheap and convenient option when it comes to short-term parking within and near the city centre.

    JustPark offers a range of reservable off-street spaces across Central London. You can browse these options and book a guaranteed space via our website or app.

    Location Operator Price Max Stay
    China Town Westminster City Council £7.00 / hour
    Leicester Square Q-Park £7.00 / hour
    Brewer Street Westminster City Council £15.00 / hour
    Trafalgar Q-Park £7.00 / hour
    Soho Westminster City Council £7.00 / hour

  • Public transport

    Transport links in Central London can get very busy on early mornings and evenings, but are still very efficient regardless – providing a fantastic integrated public transport system that is unrivalled nationwide. You are never too far away from a tube station in Central London, and buses are also very regular and reliable.

  • Disabled parking

    There are many options for disabled drivers when parking in Central London, with over 200 designated disabled bays in the City of London borough alone. However, in the City the Blue Badge scheme does not apply – so bear that in mind. (The Blue Badge scheme affords disabled drivers a number of benefits often including free parking and the option to park in permit-restricted spaces).

    However, in the City of Westminster, the council provide a full list of conditions and fares for Blue Badge holders and disabled parking across their borough on The City of Westminster website.

    Most off-street car parks in Central London do also provide disabled spaces but always check the facilities of each car park before you travel.

    You can also filter when searching on JustPark to show all our parking spaces with disabled access in Central London (select this option by clicking ‘Filters’ on the search results page).

  • Parking restrictions & event days

    It is not possible to park on-street in much of Central London, primarily to ease congestion. This is usually indicated by the presence of on-street red lines which signals that parking or stopping is prohibited.

    Single red lines mean that parking and unloading is prohibited during specified times, whereas drivers are not allowed to stop on double red lines at any time on any day.  

    On-street pay-and-display spaces that are available usually operate from 8.30am-6.30pm, Monday-Saturday. Due to the limited number of spaces, many are reserved solely for residents and permit holders – so do check signs to ensure you do not receive an unexpected fine.  

    On the JustPark map, we’ll only show you spaces which you’re allowed to park in at the times you search for.

  • Overnight, weekends & bank holidays

    Many off-street car parks in Central London offer overnight parking at an affordable rate due to the diverse demands of drivers in the capital city – with many operating 24 hours a day.

    Overnight fares can be costly in some places but parking at any of NCP’s 24 hour car parks, or any of the City of London council’s car parks, can prove an affordable venture. Smithfield car park (West Smithfield, London, EC1A 9DS) is one such option that offers a very reasonable parking rate of £3 for any time over 3 hours between 9pm and 10am the following day.

    Parking in on-street pay-and-display spaces on Bank Holidays and on Sundays is generally free of charge, such as in all of the City of Westminster bays – but some borough councils do still charge a fee, so always check on-street signs or online at the relevant council website.

    Enter your dates and times on our search results page to see what’s available overnight.

  • Nearby attractions

    Central London is one of the most densely populated and most visited areas in the world. Whether commuting daily into work or visiting for the day, Central London can be enjoyed by all as the vibrant heart of a thriving metropolis. London’s integrated transport system is an attraction in itself making seeing sights such as Big Ben, London Eye or Buckingham Palace incredibly easy.

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