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Why rent your space?

Earn with us

Our top hosts make over £4,000 a year renting their driveways. Why not find out what yours could make you today? The first £1,000 is completely tax-free.

You’re in control

Simply choose the days & hours that suit you and set your own price. Then just sit back and watch the bookings roll in. Easy.

Over 10 million drivers

Our growing community of verified drivers is the largest in the UK, meaning more bookings for you and more cash in your pocket.

How it works

Find out how much you can earn

Use our simple calculator to see what you could earn from renting out your parking space.

Add your space & own set your rules

Choose when your space is available to rent and what you’d like to charge

Drivers find your space

We’ll promote your space to our community of over 10 million drivers, so the bookings will soon be rolling in.

Sit back & earn from anywhere

You can accept & manage your bookings wherever you are, using the JustPark app.

Being a JustPark host.

Turn your driveway into a simple, passive source of income.

£4,000 per month
being earned by our top hosts – and you could join them.
10 million +
the UK’s largest network of drivers – all able to pay to park on your driveway.
£50 million +
the total amount of money earned by our hosts since we began our journey,
hosts already earning from their driveway.

Frequently asked questions

How much money will I earn from renting out my space?

The amount you can earn from a parking space depends on a few factors:

  • Where is the space you are renting out?
  • How long do you plan to rent your space?
  • How often are you renting your space out?

We’ve created an easy calculator to help you figure out exactly how much you could be earning in passive income; try it now to get your custom quote.

Is my space eligible to be listed on JustPark?

There are a number of criteria that need to be met for a space to be listed on our platform including legal ownership, communication and access.

Is JustPark free to use?

Listing your space on JustPark is completely cost-free to our community. We make money by charging drivers a small percentage fee to rent out your space - so we only make money when you do!

How does it work once someone books my space?

You don’t need to be home or stay in waiting for drivers, unless you need to provide them with a key fob or permit to access parking. Just make sure the instructions on how to find your space are clear and the driver will do the rest.

Do I need my space to be available all the time?

Not at all — you set your own rules for your space. It can be available for one hour a day while you’re out, for a few weeks of your summer holiday or available 9-5 while you’re at work. You choose!

Do I pay tax on what I earn?

The first £1,000 you make in a year by renting your space on JustPark is completely tax free. Once you make more than £1,000 a year you will need to pay tax on the money you’ve earned over this amount. Learn more in our Help Centre about how you can withdraw your earnings and manage your space.

What hosts are saying about us

JustPark rated “excellent” on independent review website, Trustpilot.
Read real reviews from real customers on www.trustpilot.com.

"I've had my drive registered on JustPark since Aug 2014 and find the service fantastic. I earn a little each month from people going to London for a long weekend, coming to watch their football team and those attending local concerts.I've also used JustPark myself and recently saved £13 when visiting the London ExCeL centre."

Dave Lumby,
7 May 2019

"Really easy website to use, I’ve booked parking spaces and now rent out a parking space earning me extra income Brill definitely 5 stars"

Donna Letters,
31 May 2019

"I have had a good income flow from letting out my parking space with little monitoring, What could be simpler!"

Judy Slater,
8 Feb 2013

"I use Just park to rent my driveway. The system works well, pays out when needed, and manages the booking well. Recommended."

Furbian Senior,
30 Oct 2022

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