Cancellation Policies

We have different cancellation policies depending on whether you booked parking in advance or if you paid in the car park. If you have driven to a car park and paid on the spot, please see the Non-Reservable Parking policy below. All bookings made in advance are covered by the Reservable Parking policy below.
Reservable Parking
Non-reservable Parking
EV Charging
Extenuating Circumstances

If your booking duration is less than 14 days please refer to our short-term booking cancellation policy. If your booking duration is 14 days or more and you would like to cancel, please refer to our Long-term booking cancellation policy.

  • A full refund is offered if you cancel within 24 hours of making a booking, provided the booking isn't starting in the next 24 hours.

  • We will always offer a 10 minute grace period to accommodate accidental bookings.

Short-term cancellation policy

Long-term cancellation policy

Other information

  • If a booking is cancelled by the space owner or JustPark, you will always receive a full refund.

  • There are no refunds issued for short-term bookings if you cancel after the booking start