Cancellation Policies

We have different cancellation policies depending on whether you booked parking in advance or if you paid in the car park. If you have driven to a car park and paid on the spot, please see the Non-Reservable Parking policy below. All bookings made in advance are covered by the Reservable Parking policy below.
Reservable Parking
Non-reservable Parking
EV Charging
Fixed-term cancellation policy
If your booking has a fixed start & end time then it’s covered by the fixed-term policy.
We have three types of refund following a cancellation by the driver:
  • A refund to your original payment method
  • A refund to your JustPark Wallet
  • No refund
Refund to your original payment method*
  • Cancelled more than 21 days before booking starts
  • Or booking value is greater than £50 AND cancelled more than 24hrs before booking starts
This will take up to 10 business days to reach your account
For this refund type, the transaction fee is non refundable.
Refund to your JustPark Wallet
  • Cancelled more than 24 hrs but less than 21 days before the booking starts AND booking value is less than £50
  • Refunds to your Wallet will be instant and can be used to make a new booking right away
For this refund type, the transaction fee is added back to your JustPark Wallet, to be deducted on the next successful transaction.
No refund
If you cancel less than 24hrs before your booking starts your booking becomes non-refundable
Additional information
In cases where the booking is cancelled by the space owner or JustPark, a full refund will be made to your original payment method*, including the transaction fee.
* If your original payment method was the JustPark Wallet, funds will be returned there, if it was a split payment between Wallet and card payment, the funds will be returned as part Wallet, part card.