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Everything you need to know about parking in Birmingham

Navigating the streets of Birmingham to find the perfect parking spot can be a daunting task. Whether you're visiting for a few hours or planning a long-term stay, JustPark provides a seamless solution for all your parking needs, ensuring a hassle-free experience in Birmingham.

Parking in Birmingham, one of the UK's largest and busiest cities, can present a challenge, especially during peak hours and weekends. Traffic density, limited parking spaces, and a bustling city centre contribute to this complexity. However, reserving a parking spot in advance through JustPark can significantly alleviate these stresses. JustPark, with its extensive network and user-friendly app, offers a wide range of parking options across Birmingham - be it city centre spots or ones near key attractions like the Bullring Shopping Centre or Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery.

From car parks and private driveways to hotels and businesses, the variety of spaces available ensures you'll find a suitable parking option for your needs. With JustPark, you can easily avoid the hassle of finding a parking space in crowded areas like the Jewellery Quarter or the Digbeth.

JustPark is your perfect parking companion in Birmingham, combining convenience, affordability, and efficiency. Trusted by over 13 million drivers, it's the UK's favourite parking app, boasting a TrustPilot score of 4.6 and a 5-star rating on the App Store. By enabling you to find, reserve, and pay for your parking in advance, JustPark guarantees you a space upon arrival, eliminating the uncertainty and time spent looking for parking.

Whether you're visiting Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum for the day or need a long-term parking solution near the City Centre, JustPark has a variety of spaces to meet your needs. And if your plans change? You can effortlessly extend your booking via the app, providing flexibility and peace of mind.

The cost of parking in Birmingham can be influenced by several factors, including location, duration, and type of parking space. Prices can reach £50 per day in some central car parks. However, with JustPark, you can find cheaper, convenient alternatives - our bookable spaces start from just £3.30 per day.

JustPark offers a range of options, from low-cost private driveways in residential areas to competitively priced car parks. A standout feature of JustPark is its transparency - you know exactly what you're paying before you arrive, with no hidden costs. If you're looking to save, consider using JustPark to book parking near a transport hub such as Birmingham Snow Hill Station and commuting into the city centre using public transport.

Finding on-street parking in Birmingham can be a daunting task, particularly during busy periods. Certain areas such as the City Centre, Jewellery Quarter, and Brindleyplace are highly sought after, making the task even more challenging. On-street parking often comes with restrictions such as maximum stay limits and charges that vary by zone.

By contrast, JustPark offers an efficient solution to these challenges. The platform provides access to private driveways, business parking, and reserved car parks, negating the time spent searching for an available on-street spot. With a spot booked through JustPark, you can park with confidence, knowing your space is reserved exclusively for you for the duration of your booking.

Parking fines in Birmingham, officially known as Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs), can be issued for a variety of parking contraventions, ranging from overstaying in a pay-and-display bay to parking on yellow lines. The cost typically varies between £50 and £70, depending on the nature of the violation. With JustPark, the risk of receiving a PCN is significantly reduced as your parking spot is guaranteed and can be extended easily via the app, helping you avoid overstaying your welcome.

Birmingham offers a number of disabled parking spaces, marked with the familiar blue badge symbol. However, finding an available disabled parking spot can be challenging, especially in busy areas. JustPark simplifies this task by allowing users to filter for spaces with enhanced accessibility. By booking with JustPark, you can guarantee a space that meets your needs, giving you peace of mind and a stress-free parking experience.

Parking in Birmingham during weekends and Bank Holidays can prove more challenging due to increased visitors and limited availability. However, JustPark can help you navigate these peak times with ease.

If you're visiting Birmingham for a weekend getaway or a special event, you can use JustPark to reserve parking near your hotel or accommodation - allowing you to leave your car in a secure location for the duration of your stay. You can also book long-term parking, perfect if you're an overnight guest or planning an extended stay. This way, you can enjoy your time in Birmingham without worrying about parking tickets or time constraints.

Birmingham introduced a Clean Air Zone (CAZ) in 2021 to reduce pollution and promote cleaner transport options. The CAZ covers all roads within the A4540 Middleway Ring Road, charging most high-pollution vehicles to enter. Fees range from £8 for cars, taxis, and vans, to £50 for buses and HGVs. However, vehicles meeting certain emission standards are exempt. While this initiative promotes cleaner air, it does impose additional costs for drivers. With JustPark, you can park outside the CAZ near a transit location such as New Street Station and commute into the city centre.

Birmingham boasts an efficient and extensive public transport system, making it a viable option for those wishing to avoid the stress of city centre driving and parking. The city's key public transport options include buses, trams, and trains. Major transport hubs include New Street Station, Snow Hill Station, and Moor Street Station. Many people find it convenient to park their cars near these transit locations and commute into the city using public transport.

With JustPark, you can reserve a parking space near Birmingham’s train station, ensuring that you always have a guaranteed spot waiting for you. This strategy not only reduces the cost of parking in the city centre but also contributes to reducing traffic congestion and overall journey stress.

Finding free Birmingham parking can often be a challenge. However, if you're looking to park before 8am or after 6pm, there are normally a number of on-street spaces available.

If you want to guarantee a space or you need to park beyond the max-stay limits that are often enforced, try reserving a JustPark space for peace of mind.

With over 4,844 spaces in and around Birmingham, you can often find and book a space by the hour, day or month.

Popular roads to find parking in Birmingham include Wynn Street, Windrush Grove, Wheeleys Lane and St Martin's Street, where you can book a convenient and cheap parking space from £0.80/hour, £3.30/day or monthly parking from just £51.30.

Top Birmingham attractions

Discover Birmingham's Top Must-See Attractions

Birmingham is a city brimming with cultural, historical, and entertainment hotspots. The iconic Bullring & Grand Central is a shopper's paradise, while the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery captivates visitors with its stunning exhibits. For a breath of fresh air, stroll through the beautiful Birmingham Botanical Gardens. History buffs shouldn't miss the Black Country Living Museum, and families will adore the Thinktank Birmingham Science Museum.

Enjoy a car-free night out with overnight parking spaces available in Birmingham with JustPark - whether you’re hitting Brindleyplace, with its eclectic mix of bars and restaurants, or attending a gig at the Utilita Arena. Experience matchday in Birmingham; JustPark has lots of bookable parking spaces near Edgbaston Stadium - which frequently hosts the England Cricket Team, Villa Park and St Andrews. With JustPark, you can find and reserve parking near all these attractions, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable visit to Birmingham.

Jewellery Quarter Station

Jewellery Quarter Station

Enjoy your trip to Jewellery Quarter Station without worrying about parking. With JustPark, book your parking space in advance, and rest easy knowing a spot is waiting for you upon arrival at Jewellery Quarter Station.
Birmingham New Street Station

Birmingham New Street Station

Simplify your travel with JustPark, the UK's favourite parking app, and make your journey to Birmingham New Street Station stress-free.
Cadbury World

Cadbury World

Enjoy your trip to Cadbury World without worrying about parking. With JustPark, book your parking space in advance, and rest easy knowing a spot is waiting for you upon arrival at Cadbury World.
Barclaycard Arena

Barclaycard Arena

Enjoy your trip to Barclaycard Arena without worrying about parking. With JustPark, book your parking space in advance, and rest easy knowing a spot is waiting for you upon arrival at Barclaycard Arena.
Birmingham Repertory Theatre

Birmingham Repertory Theatre

Enjoy your trip to Birmingham Repertory Theatre without worrying about parking. With JustPark, book your parking space in advance, and rest easy knowing a spot is waiting for you upon arrival at Birmingham Repertory Theatre.
The University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham

Find the best parking options at The University of Birmingham with JustPark – rated five stars on the App Store.
Villa Park

Villa Park

Reserving your space with JustPark ensures a hassle-free visit to Villa Park, home of Aston Villa Football Club.
Edgbaston Stadium

Edgbaston Stadium

Enjoy your trip to Edgbaston Stadium without worrying about parking. With JustPark, book your parking space in advance, and rest easy knowing a spot is waiting for you upon arrival at Edgbaston Stadium.
St Andrews Stadium

St Andrews Stadium

JustPark provides a convenient way to find your perfect parking spot at St Andrews Stadium, allowing you to reserve a space in advance.