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Need cash? You could rent your driveway to football fans

Hundreds of homeowners are raking it in renting out their driveways to footy fans – and even if you don't live near a ground you could still cash in on your parking space... Read More

16th April 2015

The sharing economy: a money-making space made for startups

We’re becoming a nation of renters. Instead of buying a car, savvy Brits hire one from Zipcar. Forget hoofing off to B&Q on a Sunday for a stepladder that we’ll use once then confine to the loft... Read More

8th April 2015

How to play the sharing game: Five women on how they have made money from trading their possessions

Designer handbags, des-res accommodation, prime parking spaces... Why buy when you can rent or trade? Ruth Tierney spoke to five women who reap the benefits of marketing their possessions in the new sharing economy... Read More

22nd March 2015

JustPark bags £3.7m and becomes UK’s largest equity crowdfunded startup

Peer-to-peer parking pioneer JustPark has raised £3.7m in the UK’s largest ever equity crowdfunding round. The company, which matches spare parking spaces with people who need to park, tripled its £1m target in the 34-day campaign and attracted some 2,900 investors... Read More

17th March 2015

Crowdfunding creates the ultimate sharing economy

CrowdCube Co-Founder Luke Lang and JustPark Chief Executive Officer Alex Stephany discuss the impact of the sharing economy on various sectors. They speak with Guy Johnson... Read More

9th March 2015

Sky-high airport parking charges cost more than flights

Britain’s airports are the most expensive in the world for parking, with some holidaymakers paying more to leave their cars than actually fly. Seven of the world’s ten most expensive airport carparks are in the UK... Read More

5th March 2015

A look back at the disruptive businesses that are now household names

In the lead up to the 2015 outing of the Everline Future 50 crop of disruptive companies, Real Business takes a trip down memory lane... Read More

3rd February 2015

Make cash from your attic - and on your drive

Do you have a driveway that’s rarely used? Is there room for a few more boxes in your attic? Renting out your unused parking space... Read More

14th January 2015

Car pooling, swapping homes with strangers and trading old clothes: Take part in the borrowing boom of the 'sharing economy' where all can benefit

Sharing everyday items such as a car, garden tools or a spare room with friends or strangers in exchange for money – or even just a feeling of... Read More

20th December 2014

Are private drives the new car park?

When homeowners renting their driveways for parking were threatened with huge fines for not having planning permission it looked like the end of a trend... Read More

17th December 2014

‘We're boosting our income by renting out our driveway': Twelve key steps to the right pension planning

Sweeping changes affecting how people access their pension savings in retirement come into play next year. But many remain unaware or confused... Read More

14th December 2014

The London homeowners earning £3,500 a year by letting strangers park in their drive

Battersea has been revealed as the most lucrative area in London to rent out a driveway, with residents raking in an average of £3,500 a year... Read More

28th November 2014

JustPark may 'revolutionise parking' in London

A technology firm which claims it is going to revolutionise parking in the capital has just won backing from a major investment firm... Read More

8th August 2014

JustPark's app means you'll never have to waste time searching for a parking space

LAUNCHPAD: It's the latest expansion of the sharing economy, as JustPark partners with BMW to embed the app into Minis... Read More

8th August 2014

Start-up parking app added to BMW dashboards

A UK-based app which allows people and companies to rent out spare parking spaces is added to the smart dashboards of new Minis... Read More

7th August 2014

The parking app that’s going to change how you drive

Did you know the average driver wastes 106 days of their life hunting for a car parking space?... Read More

7th August 2014

JustPark launches world first park-and-pay app

A British start-up has fired the first salvo in the battle between carmakers and big technology groups over who will make money from tomorrow’s cars... Read More

7th August 2014

JustPark Releases iOS App, Secures Funding From Index Ventures

Founded in 2006 when Anthony Eskinazi was just 23 years old, ParkatmyHouse seemed ever so slightly crazy at the time... Read More

7th August 2014

JustPark and the sharing economy

The "sharing economy" is the latest trend on the lips of every digital strategist, in the tradition that brought us Web 2.0, the Cloud and Big Data... Read More

7th August 2014

JustPark is world’d first in-car parking app

JustPark is an app allowing drivers to book public and off-street private parking, says Anthony Eskinazi, founder, adding that the company... Read More

7th August 2014

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