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JustPark moves into local authority market with Wrexham contract

Wrexham County Borough Council has become the first local authority to adopt parking technology company JustPark’s new mobile cashless payments service… 
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30th October 2017

Manger joins JustPark to support move into cashless parking sector

Parking technology company JustPark has appointed Gavin Manger as its new commercial relationship manager to bolster its efforts in taking on cashless payments contracts for local authorities… Read More

30th October 2017

Hire earner: How to rent out everything from loft space to lawnmowers and bedrooms

The ‘sharing economy’ is booming as websites help people rent out spare rooms, driveways and furniture to earn extra cash…. Read More

11th September 2017

If you own a home you could be losing out on an extra £143 a week – tax free – but be prepared to have company

Rent out your driveway: we all know of the headache that can come with finding an affordable parking space. However, if your house is in a location where people struggle, why not rent out your driveway? …. Read More

27th September 2017

The sharing economy is booming with the UK leading the way in Europe

By 2025, total transactions in the UK sharing economy could peak at £140bn, an increase from £13bn in 2016…. Read More

4th August 2017

Holidaymakers fed up with expensive Stansted Airport parking should try this service instead

Bank holiday travellers can use JustPark, a website which lets motorists rent driveways to save money on parking…. Read More

20th August 2017

Park it and profit: office car parks offer a lucrative opportunity

There’s a wealth of parking potential which remains untapped and overlooked across the commercial property sector, and underutilised office car parks are a prime example… Read More

9th May 2017

Nurses parking on residents’ driveways due to lack of space at hospital

Doctors and nurses have been renting driveways after more than 70 medics were stung with tens of thousands of pounds in parking fines at Wales’ biggest hospital…. Read More

28th July 2017

Helping millions to JustPark

Ever get sick of driving around looking for somewhere to park? See how entrepreneur Anthony Eskinazi is helping put an end to the problem with JustPark… Read More

20th March 2017

How will apps for sharing parking spaces affect the city?

JustPark, which offers more than 20,000 parking spaces across the UK, have operated in Dublin since 2015, says Marketing and PR Manager Sam Mellor… Read More

25th April 2017

The power of data

JustPark’s Eskinazi offered an example. He said that by tracking cars coming in and out of a car park over a six-month period and logging how long a vehicle stays, JustPark was able to add between 10% and 20% of additional revenue for one operator… Read More

27th September 2016

Top 20 Crowdcube crowdfunding success stories

After a record-breaking 2016, Crowdcube expects even more return for investors in 2017 – but which projects have proven the biggest hits?… Read More

16th December 2016

50 brilliant tips to save you a fortune! Park on a stranger’s driveway. Never go into a pound shop. And haggle over everything

If you’re going to a big event, it can be up to 70 per cent cheaper to park on someone’s drive than use official parking at the venue. And it’s often quicker to get away afterwards. Websites such as… Read More

27th September 2016

11 ways to make money from home

If you live near an airport, city centre or train station and have a driveway or parking space then you could make money from renting it out… Read More

20th September 2016

Tech: time to beat those Brexit blues

Anthony Eskinazi, founder of car-parking app and website JustPark, says it takes only a little bit of tech to turn a dormant piece of land into an income-producing asset… Read More

6th September 2016

Drive a hard bargain and save on motoring: From securing the best value insurance to using technology, here’s how to cut your car costs

Homeowners with space on the driveway and drivers seeking cheaper parking deals can make use of websites like JustPark… Read More

17th September 2016

Airbnb your house: Here’s how much Londoners could be making from the
sharing economy

The sharing economy is growing faster in Britain than anywhere else in Europe. As it has become more expensive to own cars, homes and even electrical equipment, more of us are seeing the advantages of monetising our idle assets… Read More

13th July 2016

5 new ways to make money from your home

From a film set to a holiday home or a car park – your home can be a money-spinner… Read More

30th August 2016

Building successful startups

The fifth instalment in our series, Raconteur Guides for Business, outlines the vital ingredients that every newly formed startup needs on their way to achieving the coveted unicorn status… Read More

19th May 2016

The Guardian Small Business Showcase awards winners 2016

The Guardian Small Business Showcase awards celebrates the achievements and successes of some of the UK’s best and most promising small businesses. We received many impressive entries from a broad range of enterprises across the six categories​… Read More

8th July 2016

Man pays for holiday in Mexico by renting out his driveway to football fans

The moneyspinning idea sees residents charge up to £12.50 a day, allowing their customers easy access to the train station, city centre and town hall… Read More

11th May 2016

How To Fund Your Startup With Multiple Streams Of Revenue

There are more ways to fund your startup than with business endeavors. Rent out your office space on ShareDesk, offer up your unused driveway on JustPark, or your second car… Read More

14th May 2016

From spare rooms to cars: How to earn and save more by participating in the ‘gig economy’

You do not need to play in a band to be part of the burgeoning ‘gig economy’. Nearly everyone has skills or assets they can exploit in their spare time to boost their income – or save money by using one of a new wave of technology-driven services… Read More

7th May 2016

‘I’ve made £810 selling unwanted items on Facebook’: Declutter your home AND earn yourself a tidy sum

A good spring-clean can create extra space and calm at home – as well as a generous top-up to the bank balance. Here, The Mail on Sunday rummages through the best ways to cash in on a clear-out… Read More

4th April 2016

30 Clever Ways to Make Money Online

Who doesn’t want to earn more money? But unfortunately, not everyone has the time to pick up another job or do additional work on the side. If that’s the case for you, don’t give up. Instead, turn to the one thing you probably spend a majority of your time on: the internet… Read More

11th March 2016

The tax break for making money on the side: Airbnb-ers, eBay sellers and Etsy makers to benefit from new £1,000 allowance

Millions of people who rent our their homes on holiday rental sites like Airbnb or sell items or services on websites such as eBay and Etsy could see lower tax bills from 2017… Read More

17th March 2016

How to rent your house out – without the hassle of guests staying overnight

Anna Hamill, 55, meanwhile, doesn’t even need to open the front door to her house in Twickenham – just a 10 minute walk from the stadium – in order to make money. She netted £1400 last year by renting out two spaces on her driveway… Read More

22nd January 2016

Six simple ways to make £2,016 in 2016

If you fancy giving yourself a New Year payrise then take a look at our six top tips for making an extra £2,016 this year… Read More

7th January 2016

Rise in Cardiff homeowners renting out driveways

Now, we’ve all heard of renting out a room, but what about renting out your driveway? That’s exactly what homeowners in Cardiff have started doing using a website which matches drivers with spaces… Read More

19th December 2015

Find a parking spot nearly anywhere in the UK with JustPark

Finding a parking spot can be hard, whether you’re heading to the airport, into a major city, or enjoying a rural retreat. JustPark makes life a little bit easier by letting you find local parking in advance…. Read More

12th November 2015

Five ‘sharing’ businesses that are using technology to shake up their industries

The so-called “sharing economy” is sweeping the world, changing the way people buy goods and services and allowing them to circumvent traditional bureaucratic systems to get what they want faster than ever… Read More

1st October 2015

UK is sharing economy capital of Europe

The UK is home to 10% of the businesses involved in the global sharing economy – more than France, Germany and Spain combined – research from JustPark has found…. Read More

21st September 2015

Freshers’ Week 2015: Top 5 ways for students to save on travel costs while at university

With British railways said to be the most expensive in Europe, one of the biggest hits to student wallets this year looks set to be travel, which is just what students need at a time when the cost of higher education just keeps rising… Read More

3rd September 2015

The internet revolution that is changing our patterns of consumption

Until a decade or so ago, opportunities for renting or sharing goods and services were limited: home owners might have rented out a room occasionally, while a school might have lent its sports hall to local clubs in the evening… Read More

23rd August 2015

Europe’s hottest startups 2015: London

“London’s tech sector is flourishing,” said Mayor Boris Johnson at the launch of an £85 million London Co-Investment Fund in December 2014. The numbers back him up: startups in the capital secured a record £437 million in funding in Q1 2015… Read More

5th August 2015

How you can turn your home into gold mine by renting out rooms, driveways and even appliances

Savvy homeowners are making a tidy profit renting out spare rooms, driveways or even their appliances. Landlords were given a boost by Chancellor George Osborne in his latest Budget when the threshold before ­paying tax on rental income was raised… Read More

1st August 2015

Make up to £3,000 a year from the sharing economy

Looking for a room to rent, a car to borrow or a handyman to help with a spot of gardening? Discover the sharing economy and either save money or make a bit of extra cash… Read More

24th July 2015

Never pay another parking ticket: Parking network JustPark and the beautiful symmetry of the sharing economy

One of the most intuitively sensible ideas ever is peer-to-peer parking share network, JustPark. This company connects drivers with vacant spaces either in the driveways of people’s homes, in under-used carparks, churches, small businesses, you name it… Read More

7th July 2015

What could you rent out in your house? Sharing Economy takes off

Now, share nicely!” – a phrase that every parent of a toddler uses on a daily basis. But how many of us put it into practice ourselves? And yet sharing our possessions is not only good for other people and the planet, but can also represent a nice little earner. By renting out everything from your drive to your lawnmower, it’s possible to make quite a bit of extra cash…. Read More

7th July 2015

Three Branson-Backed Businesses Set For The Big Time

What is more valuable to a business trying to make its way in a crowded and competitive marketplace – a share of a £1m funding pot or a personal endorsement from entrepreneurs including Sir Richard Branson? Three firms that will soon be in a position to answer that question are Kino-mo, Fourex and JustPark… Read More

26th June 2015

These lucky nine get to pitch to Richard Branson

Nine entrepreneurs will pitch their ideas directly to Richard Branson this month and three will walk away with a prize package worth £1 million. The lucky nine, who are all from the U.K., were voted by the public into the penultimate round of the Virgin Media Business “Pitch to Rich” contest… Read More

17th June 2015

From couriers to car clubs: How the power of sharing could help you save money, cut costs and share the love

A rapidly expanding personal marketplace – where people deal directly with each other to save or make money on anything from renting cars to speaking on a mobile phone – is expected to be worth £230billion a year in a decade…Read More

6th June 2015

Five Apple Watch apps Londoners won’t want to live without

After the iPhone naysayers and the iPad doubters, Apple Watch skeptics should really know better. Never ones to stand in the way of progress, we’re flying the flag for the capital’s early Apple Watch adopters and have scouted out the five apps… Read More

22nd May 2015

30 clever ways to make money online

Parking is at a premium in most thriving cities. Renting an unused space in your driveway or vacant deeded parking space can generate additional income… Read More

29th April 2015

Need cash? You could rent your driveway to football fans

Hundreds of homeowners are raking it in renting out their driveways to footy fans – and even if you don’t live near a ground you could still cash in on your parking space… Read More

16th April 2015

The sharing economy: a money-making space made for startups

We’re becoming a nation of renters. Instead of buying a car, savvy Brits hire one from Zipcar. Forget hoofing off to B&Q on a Sunday for a stepladder that we’ll use once then confine to the loft… Read More

8th April 2015

How to play the sharing game: Five women on how they have made money from trading their possessions

Designer handbags, des-res accommodation, prime parking spaces… Why buy when you can rent or trade? Ruth Tierney spoke to five women who reap the benefits of marketing their possessions in the new sharing economy…Read More

22nd March 2015

JustPark bags £3.7m and becomes UK’s largest equity crowdfunded startup

Peer-to-peer parking pioneer JustPark has raised £3.7m in the UK’s largest ever equity crowdfunding round. The company, which matches spare parking spaces with people who need to park, tripled its £1m target in the 34-day campaign and attracted some 2,900 investors… Read More

17th March 2015

Crowdfunding creates the ultimate sharing economy

CrowdCube Co-Founder Luke Lang and JustPark Chief Executive Officer Alex Stephany discuss the impact of the sharing economy on various sectors. They speak with Guy Johnson… Read More

9th March 2015

Sky-high airport parking charges cost more than flights

Britain’s airports are the most expensive in the world for parking, with some holidaymakers paying more to leave their cars than actually fly. Seven of the world’s ten most expensive airport car parks are in the UK… Read More

5th March 2015

A look back at the disruptive businesses that are now household names

In the lead up to the 2015 outing of the Everline Future 50 crop of disruptive companies, Real Business takes a trip down memory lane… Read More

3rd February 2015

Make cash from your attic – and on your drive

Do you have a driveway that’s rarely used? Is there room for a few more boxes in your attic? Renting out your unused parking space… Read More

14th January 2015

Car pooling, swapping homes with strangers and trading old clothes: Take part in the borrowing boom of the ‘sharing economy’ where all can benefit

Sharing everyday items such as a car, garden tools or a spare room with friends or strangers in exchange for money – or even just a feeling of… Read More

20th December 2014

Are private drives the new car park?

When homeowners renting their driveways for parking were threatened with huge fines for not having planning permission it looked like the end of a trend… Read More

17th December 2014

‘We’re boosting our income by renting out our driveway’: Twelve key steps to the right pension planning

Sweeping changes affecting how people access their pension savings in retirement come into play next year. But many remain unaware or confused…Read More

14th December 2014

The London homeowners earning £3,500 a year by letting strangers park in their drive

Battersea has been revealed as the most lucrative area in London to rent out a driveway, with residents raking in an average of £3,500 a year… Read More

28th November 2014

JustPark may ‘revolutionise parking’ in London

A technology firm which claims it is going to revolutionise parking in the capital has just won backing from a major investment firm… Read More

8th August 2014

JustPark’s app means you’ll never have to waste time searching for a parking space

LAUNCHPAD: It’s the latest expansion of the sharing economy, as JustPark partners with BMW to embed the app into Minis… Read More

8th August 2014

Start-up parking app added to BMW dashboards

A UK-based app which allows people and companies to rent out spare parking spaces is added to the smart dashboards of new Minis… Read More

7th August 2014

The parking app that’s going to change how you drive

Did you know the average driver wastes 106 days of their life hunting for a car parking space?… Read More

7th August 2014

JustPark launches world first park-and-pay app

A British start-up has fired the first salvo in the battle between carmakers and big technology groups over who will make money from tomorrow’s cars…Read More

7th August 2014

JustPark Releases iOS App, Secures Funding From Index Ventures

Founded in 2006 when Anthony Eskinazi was just 23 years old, ParkatmyHouse seemed ever so slightly crazy at the time… Read More

7th August 2014

JustPark and the sharing economy

The “sharing economy” is the latest trend on the lips of every digital strategist, in the tradition that brought us Web 2.0, the Cloud and Big Data… Read More

7th August 2014

JustPark is world’d first in-car parking app

JustPark is an app allowing drivers to book public and off-street private parking, says Anthony Eskinazi, founder, adding that the company… Read More

7th August 2014