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Cancellation policy

We have different cancellation policies depending on whether you paid for parking in advance or on arrival at a car park. If you have driven to a car park and paid on the spot, please see the ‘Drive-up Cancellation Policy’ below. All bookings made in advance are covered by the ‘Pre-Booked Parking Cancellation Policy’.

Pre-Booked Parking Cancellation Policy

If your booking duration is less than 14 days please refer to our Short-Term Booking Cancellation Policy. If your booking duration is 14 days or more and you would like to cancel, please refer to our Long-Term Booking Cancellation Policy.

If the booking is cancelled by the space owner, you will always receive a full refund. There are no refunds issued for short-term bookings if you cancel after the booking has started.

Short-Term booking

Defined as less than 14 days in length (see how we calculate a day below)

Before booking starts:

Up to full refund

After booking starts:

No refund

Long-Term booking

Defined as 14 or more days in length

Before booking starts:

Refund minus 2 days

After booking starts:

Refund for remainder of booking minus 2 days

Short-Term Booking Cancellation Policy

  • Defined as a booking that is less than 14 days in duration.
  • A full refund is offered to drivers if they cancel within 24 hours of making a booking, provided the booking isn't starting in the next 24 hours.
  • We will always offer a 10 minute grace period to accommodate accidental bookings.
Refund guide

If you cancel a booking more than 14 days in advance, before the booking starts

You'll recieve 100% refund if you cancel more than 14 days before your booking starts.

If you cancel a booking 8 to 14 days in advance, before the booking starts

You'll receive a 50% refund if cancellation occurs between 8 and 14 days in advance of booking.

If you cancel a booking 1 to 7 days in advance, before the booking starts

The cancellation must take place at least 24 hours before the booking begins. You'll receive a 25% refund if cancellation occurs more than 24 hours in advance of booking, up to 7 days.

If you cancel a booking less than 24 hours in advance of the booking starting

If you cancel a booking which is due to start in the next 24 hours, you will not be entitled to a refund.

If you cancel a booking, after it has started

If you cancel a booking once it has started, you will not be entitled to a refund.

EV Charging Cancellation Policy

If you cancel a booking which includes EV Charging

You won't be charged the EV Charging fee if you cancel your booking, irrespective of when the cancellation request is made.

If you experience problems with your charger or can't access it

You won't be charged the EV Charging fee if you get in touch with our Customer Support team whilst your booking is ongoing or due to start.

If you fail to notify Customer Support of any charger malfunction whilst the booking is ongoing or due to start, you might be eligible for a parking promo code based on circumstances, at the discretion of our Customer Support team.

You may be required to show proof of the charger malfunctioning, such as a photograph.

The rules

Complaints must be raised with JustPark within 24 hours after the booking starts.

A booking is officially cancelled once we approve the cancellation.

JustPark will mediate when necessary and has the final say in all disputes.

You'll always benefit from our Driver Protection Guarantee

What constitutes a JustPark day?

Our 'days' are calculated by a calendar day that resets at 5am. We do this to account for drivers who might be parking for evening events.

If your booking extends beyond 5am, you will be charged for two days, even if the booking spans less than 24 hours.

For example:

  • 7.00pm 1st January - 2.00am 2nd January = one day.
  • 7.00pm 1st January - 8.00am 2nd January = two days.

The Small Print

  • There are no refunds after a short-term booking session has begun.
  • To accommodate scenarios in which the driver can’t go through with the booking for serious reasons such as accidents, death, severe illness, our Extenuating Circumstances Policy will apply. In order to apply for these, drivers will need to provide the necessary documentation to Customer Support in order for their cancellation to be approved for a full refund.

Extenuating Circumstances Policy

What if I need to cancel because of an emergency or unavoidable circumstance?

We may be able to give you a refund if you have to cancel because of an unexpected circumstance that’s out of your control. Below is a list of circumstances covered by our Extenuating Circumstances Policy. Before you cancel, check that your circumstance is included in the list below and that you can provide the required documentation.

Penalty-free cancellations are only available for extenuating circumstances that occur before the official start date and time of your booking.

Circumstances that require documentation

Death of a driver, any other travelling party, immediate family member, or caregiver. You’ll be asked to provide one of these documents:

  • Death certificate
  • Obituary
  • News article naming the deceased
  • Police report

Unexpected serious illness or injury affecting a driver or member of the travelling party. You’ll be asked to provide a statement from a doctor confirming that the person can't drive or travel due to an unexpected, serious illness or injury. The statement must also be dated after the booking was confirmed and provided within 14 days of cancellation. At this time, pre-existing conditions known to the user at the time of booking are not covered by our Extenuating Circumstances Policy.

Government-mandated obligations including jury duty, travel restrictions, court appearances, and military deployment. You'll be asked to provide a copy of the official notice dated after the booking was confirmed, including the name of the person fulfilling the obligation.

Unforeseen vehicle damage, serious accident or maintenance to the registered vehicle that makes it unsafe to drive. This doesn’t include planned maintenance. You’ll be asked to provide all of the following documents:

  • Proof that the issue is being fixed
  • An estimate of when it will be fixed
  • An invoice for the repairs being done
  • Photos of the damage

Circumstances that require special review

There’s no required documentation for these circumstances, but our specialised team will review each case to confirm that you’re directly affected.

Natural disasters, terrorist activity, and civil/political unrest that prevent the driver from travelling to or from the destination, or that make it unsafe to do so.

Essential utility outages that affect booked parking facilities.

What to do next

If you’ve confirmed your circumstance meets any of the requirements above, first cancel your booking and then contact us to file a claim. We’ll walk you through the next steps, which will include submitting any required documentation and waiting for our team to review your case. Claims must be submitted within 14 days of cancellation.

Drive-up cancellation policy

For payments made on the spot in car parks, we operate a no refund policy - as the parking session is already underway once you have paid.

If you feel you have been charged unfairly, please contact help@justpark.com with the location ID, number plate, amount paid and details of the circumstances.