JustPark: car parking for the digital age

JustPark is rethinking parking for the 21st century. By unlocking over 200,000 previously underused spaces, we provide cheaper, more convenient parking to over 1 million drivers across the UK.

Our apps and website allow drivers to find, reserve and pay for parking seamlessly - wherever and whenever they need it, either in advance or on-the-go. By pricing our spaces intelligently, we offer motorists a much better deal, being up to 70% cheaper than pay-and-display.

On the flipside, we use technology and data to maximise the value of people’s parking assets - providing over 25,000 homeowners, landowners, businesses, charities and existing car parks with access to a lucrative additional revenue stream at no upfront cost.

We’ve generated over £20m of revenue for property owners by monetising their underutilised space - and we’ve saved drivers over £10m on their parking charges. Now with over a million users, JustPark is leading the disruption of a global market worth over $50bn.

With investment from BMW and Index Ventures (investors in Just Eat, Dropbox and Facebook), JustPark closed a record-breaking £3.5m equity crowdfunding round in 2015 - as well as being named winners of Sir Richard Branson’s VOOM competition and one of WIRED’s hottest European startups.

Own or manage a car park, parking space or empty land? We’ll help you to maximise returns from your assets.

Looking for cheap parking around city centres, airports and events? We’ll save you time, money and hassle.

Find out how you can benefit - and join the parking revolution today.

Greener parking

Sounds like a paradox?

We're huge fans of public transport, but sometimes, driving is the only option. The UK Department for Transport predicts that car ownership will soar by 45 percent in the next 20 years, meaning more pressure on parking spaces and more frustrated drivers. That's where we come in. Read more...

Making the most of urban space

The world's city streets are clogged with cars. By unlocking hidden off-street parking spaces, our goal is to ensure that every empty patch of tarmac fulfills its parking potential. This maximises the use of an asset in seriously short supply and helps cities function better.

Reducing motorists' carbon footprint

A study by IBM in 2011 found that 30 percent of city air pollution is caused by desperate drivers on the hunt for parking. By enabling drivers to reserve a parking space before they set off, we’re stopping people from driving round in circles. Or going round the bend.

Promoting integrated travel

By providing spaces near train stations, we’re making it easier for people to park near transport hubs. This enables drivers to travel by car for part of the journey and then switch to public transport - which is more environmentally friendly than driving the whole way. You can see what we have available across the London underground network here.


Index Ventures

Index Ventures

Index Ventures are one of Europe’s leading venture capital firms, and have been investing in technology, biotech and cleantech since 1996. They’re backers to such towering successes as Facebook, Skype, Dropbox, Citymapper and Just Eat, and joined JustPark as investors in 2014.

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BMW i Ventures is the automotive giant’s venture capital arm, exploring strategic investments in innovative mobility services. In partnership with BMWi, JustPark released a world-first in-car app in 2014 - allowing drivers of MINI connected cars to find, book and pay for parking from their dashboard.

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£3.5m crowdfunding round

In 2015, JustPark closed until recently what was the largest equity crowdfunding round in UK startup history - raising £3.5m from over 2,700 investors. We're thrilled to have the support of so many people, many of whom are JustPark users themselves, and are excited for what the future holds.