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We grew. We listened. We changed.

On 13th July 2014, ParkatmyHouse became JustPark. We know that change isn’t always welcome (with the grudging exception of traffic lights, perhaps, or that one time when McVities increased the chocolate percentage of their digestives to 30%). But sometimes, change is necessary.

Since the wellspring of the company all the way back in 2006, ParkatmyHouse had burst its banks. Our treasured niche of private driveways has since been beefed up by parking spaces at churches, schools, hotels and council car parks, and we cater to the needs of a rapidly expanding community of drivers, anytime, anywhere. That old name above the door no longer did justice to the spectrum or parking possibilities that we provide. You gave us feedback, we took it on board, and the wheels of transformation were set in motion.

The good news is that in this case, a rose by any other name smells not only as sweet, but sweeter. We're excited to introduce the new JustPark brand, tailor-made to tackle the challenges of supply and demand and to provide a better service for all our users. We're hell-bent on helping people to save money and make money. To make cities function better. And to banish the pesky parking headache for good. The bottom line, though, is that we're still the same bunch of people who are passionate about blowing the dust off underused parking spaces and helping people to park smarter.

We're grateful to everyone who has helped the company grow and made this transition possible. Here’s to a 21st-century parking revolution that means no trip goes unmade. Thank you for being part of our journey - we’re proud to be part of yours.