Under the hood: Life in Customer Support

This episode of Under the Hood gives insight into what working as a Customer Support agent at JustPark is like - and in particular, what makes it so great!

The Customer Support team here at JustPark is a lively and bright bunch. Being the largest department in the office, we have a diverse range of characters which really helps to keep our roles interesting. It also allows for plenty of room for us to fulfil one of our core values, cultivate our communities.

Over the past couple of years, as the whole company has grown, we have blossomed from just a handful of agents to over 20! We’ve been lucky enough to work and hang out with people across the globe, including our lovely new friends from South Africa who helped us out by working remotely through our busiest period in summer.

I can truthfully say that I have made friends for life working in CS. We all get along like a house on fire, with many of us spending time outside of work together. Including, (but not limited to!) pub outings on a Friday evening, rock climbing, Dungeons and Dragons club, quiz nights, and much more.

These activities are a terrific time for us to relax and unwind, also they are also great for connecting with colleagues from other departments and creating relationships with them. On top of this, while at the office, we sit together daily and have a cooked lunch by our fabulous in-house Chef, Julie.

Just some of the delicious fare served by our chef Julie

We share ideas, discuss what needs improving and follow our curiosity. This is particularly important for CS as we are on the front-line for customer queries, so passing feedback from our users onto other departments and working cohesively really helps us move forward as a company.

Fun with the team

Twice a day, CS gets together for 15-minute meetings where we talk about the ways in which we are going to tackle the day and keep up our productivity. More often than not, this time is also a period where we can just have a chin-waggle and throw around a bit of friendly banter to keep our spirits up during lockdown.

Some classic roasts include Fadzi changing her hairstyle every week, Ryan’s insanely loud and contagious laugh, and Matt, hailing from New Zealand but lived in London for multiple years, still wearing shorts and a tank top during Englands' coldest months!

2020 has meant what we can do in our day-to-day lives has been limited, but the management team still managed to swing us a nice work evening out at…Swingers, crazy golf! (I know, terrible…). While following strict Covid safety procedures (and with the event taking place between lockdowns), the department got split into two groups. The healthy competitiveness we exhibit daily in the office was definitely putt on to the golf course (okay, no more now). This was followed by more food and cocktails than we could handle to wrap up the night.

Throughout all the challenges we have faced as a company and as a country this year, the Customer Support team is still strong and as vibrant as ever. A true testament to the talent we have and a reason to look forward to the years to come!

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