5 essential qualities for a Customer Support Associate

We've identified the vital ingredients that make our Customer Support agents so special with 5 qualities that are at the heart of our success.

When people contact us for help, our Customer Support Associates are often the ones who respond, acting as the human connection between JustPark and its customers. Every customer interaction we have or piece of guidance we share - online or by phone, chat or email - is another opportunity for us to enrich the customer experience.

Because our Customer Support team is at the heart of our customer relationship, it's essential we have the very best people. So we’ve identified five qualities we think are essential for employees who work in customer support.

5 essential qualities in a Customer Support Associate

1. Friendly

Great customer support associates should be personable. We’re looking for people who can communicate warmth and empathy — not only in verbal communication but also through written messages.

Keywords: friendly, empathetic, warm, affable, personable, open

I think our customer support being friendly is important as it allows our users to reach out to us openly and know that we are on their side when addressing their issues.

Ryan Dean-Hill, Customer Support Associate

2. Confident

Customer support associates have to make hundreds of split-second decisions every day. It’s vitally important they have the confidence to trust their instincts. They should be able to quickly assess the context of a conversation or message and take the appropriate action.

Keywords: confident, self-assured, poised, level-headed, grounded

It’s really important to be super assuring and have confidence so that it resonates with the customer. If we are not confident in the way we come across and with the decisions that we make then it could simply create more issues for them. Also, we need to make decisions quickly as our customers are often busy and need a quick resolution.

Hector Jackson, Customer Support Associate

3. Curious

The best customer support associates are not only eager to learn new tools but also to understand the business. We’re looking for candidates who have made efforts to grow their skills in previous roles and are hungry for continuous improvement.

Keywords curious, engaged, interested, enthusiastic, motivated

Why stop asking questions? We can learn so much by being curious, and JustPark facilitates the opportunity to up skill yourself and learn from each other. If someone has a better way of doing it, I want to know about it!

Claudia Crossley, recruitment lead for Customer Support

4. Articulate

Digital support associates must be able to succinctly and effectively answer customer support queries. Good spelling and word choice are crucial—minor errors can tarnish our brand’s appearance and damage our credibility.

Keywords: articulate, eloquent, intelligible, clear, comprehensible

As Customer Support Associates, we handle intricate conversations which need to be resolved in a humane manner, therefore being eloquent is a prerequisite.

Fadzai Zvionere, Customer Support Associate

5. Resilient

No matter the context, CS associates must be able to react calmly. Patience is important, but an ability to “roll with the punches” by responding professionally in any scenario is also essential.

Keywords: resilient, patient, collected, positive, unflappable

When things go wrong, it’s human nature to lash out sometimes. A broken padlock at a car park might not seem like a big deal, but that could have thrown someone's whole day. You need to remember the customer isn't mad at you, they’re mad at the situation and you're at the end of the phone. If you can empathise and bring the situation under control you can really reset the relationship and in some cases make their day a little bit better.

Jess Dennison, former Customer Support Associate, now Client Operations Team Lead

If you're interested in joining our Customer Support team, check out our careers page to view our current opportunities.

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