This East London homeowner makes up to £300 a month renting out his driveway

London local Boudewijn signed up to use JustPark during the pandemic as a side income and is still reaping the benefits today.

man standing in doorway of brick home holding justpark sign

It’s not too often that we get to meet our space owners in person, but last month we had the pleasure of speaking with Boudewijn, a London-based space owner. Boudewijn opted into our JustPark Signage programme which launched earlier this year, making it easier for drivers to find his parking space. When we saw he lived nearby, we couldn’t resist popping down to hand-deliver the sign and say hello.

Boudewijn started renting his parking space out when heard about JustPark through social media and he’s been reaping the rewards ever since. “On a slow month, I make maybe £120, £160,” he says. “Good months are over £200, sometimes up to £300.”

Boudewijn, like many homeowners, doesn't need a full-time car, so his private driveway sits idle for most of the year. However, by listing his space on JustPark during the hours he doesn't need it, Boudewijn is able to generate extra income while still retaining the flexibility to use the space whenever he needs it. He goes on to say that the money he earns from renting out his unused space more than offsets the cost of renting a Zipcar when he does need to drive.

“I started renting my space about two years ago during the pandemic. It’s been a super easy way to make some extra money each month.” 

Boudewijn also spoke about how he was able to fit being a space owner around his daily routine. “I work from home so it’s quite easy. I need to open a gate for people to park in my spot so it’s better if I’m at home. When I have a booking and need to be out of the house I just leave the gate open and let them know. I’ve set my space so I always have an hour's notice before a booking so it works out fine for me.”

An example of how the new JustPark signs will appear outside of space owners homes.

It was great to meet Boudewijn and to see the physical, real-world side of what can sometimes feel like a very digital business from an insider’s perspective. And although we can’t hand-deliver the thousands of signs we’re sending out through the new programme, it’s great to know they’ll make being a space owner even easier for people like Boudewijn.

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