2023: 5 easy ways to make extra money

If you’re looking to do something new while generating some extra cash this year, here’s your guide to doing just that.

A new year brings new beginnings, fresh goals and more. 

If you’re looking to do something new while generating some extra cash this year, here’s your guide to doing just that. The best part is, you can make money with items you already own. Whether it’s saving up for an emergency fund, paying bills or topping up your weekly food shop, these opportunities might just be the ticket.

  1. Renting out your driveway

With JustPark you can make extra money from your unused driveway or parking space: simply rent it out to other drivers when it suits you. You could earn thousands a year - full flexibility, no admin or hassle.

There is lots of demand for spaces as people commute, attend gigs, sporting events and more. Listing your space is quick and completely free, so you can start your parking side hustle today.

  1. Sell your preloved clothes 

With the industry moving towards more sustainable fashion,  the secondhand clothing market is expanding. In fact, 53% of Brits are choosing to purchase more secondhand clothing as a way of saving money - a great opportunity to clear your wardrobe and make money while helping to minimise textile waste and give your old clothes a new life . 

Apps like Depop and Vinted make selling your pre-loved clothes easier than ever: their user friendly, instagram inspired functions allow you to advertise your garments, listing them is quick and easy and  prospective buyers can search and purchase items in just a few clicks. Haven’t tried it yet? Give it a go! 

  1. Share your car 

Car rental app Karshare allows you to put your car to work by sharing it with others nearby. According to their website, you can earn more than £650 per month. As well as earning extra cash, sharing your car helps to reduce demand for new cars, thus contributing to the reduction in CO2 emissions. 

Karshare also uses keyless tech so no handover is required and their comprehensive insurance means you can rent without any worries. Everyone has to go through a thorough licence and ID verification process prior to renting and their KarshareGO technology uses facial recognition to securely authenticate renters.

  1. Get rid of your old Nokia 

Did you know even broken electrical items can sell? Old mobile phones, tablets and laptops can be sold on second hand reselling websites, as long as you’re clear that the item doesn’t work. 

Buyers will purchase used items for parts which can be repurposed for other electrical devices. You could also sell to technology companies who refurbish your item ready for purchasing. If you think you have any items lying around your home, why not dig them out and see if they can bring some extra cash? Reselling websites include musicMagpie and Envirofone

  1. Refurbish old furniture

Restoring and selling any of your unused furniture is a great way to create some additional income as people look for one-of-a-kind pieces to decorate their homes with. 

Flipping your furniture doesn’t require much money to begin with, but the return can be very profitable. Even if you don’t have any furniture you would like to sell, there’s lots available for free online as people clear their home - especially at the start of the new year -, which could give you the opportunity to get creative while making money. Useful websites such as Pinterest even provide useful guides such as, how to upcycle your dining table.

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