Dear JustPark community

An open letter by our CEO Anthony explaining the processes & policies in place at JustPark to tackle attempted fraud activity online.

You might have recently come across a report on the BBC News website about two occasions where private parking spaces were listed on JustPark without the owners’ knowledge. 

Seemingly fraudulent listings often turn out to have an entirely innocent explanation such as the previous owner moving and forgetting to deactivate the listing or an incorrectly entered house number upon registering a space.  

As attempts of online fraud become more prevalent and sophisticated it is becoming increasingly important for companies like JustPark to not just have stringent policies and processes in place but to keep developing those tools to safeguard their online communities. 

The team and I take fraud very seriously and due to our stringent policies and procedures, we are able to successfully reduce instances of fraud to less than a few listings per month and we are constantly striving to reduce that number, whilst ensuring the experience of adding and managing listings is as easy and positive as possible.

How we run a stringent process

In order to add a new private listing, space owners and the JustPark team have to satisfactorily complete a number of steps and thorough checks without exception before a space becomes available to book. If at any time we detect a risk of fraud, a listing will immediately be investigated further. 

In the rare case a listing does make it on the platform when it should not, further controls are in place to trigger prompt removal of any such spaces and new space owners have to wait a minimum of 48 hours after their first booking before they are able to withdraw earnings. 

Thanks to our JustPark community

Ever since I started JustPark (then Parkatmyhouse) in 2006, bringing drivers and parking space owners together to create easy, stress-free parking has been at the core of everything we do. We are immensely proud of our JustPark community of drivers, partners, clients and space owners alike and want to make everyone’s experience as safe, seamless and straightforward as possible.

Many thanks

Anthony Eskinazi

CEO JustPark

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