The very first installment of JustThinking! Here we go!

The very first installment of JustThinking! Here we go! We sat down with Hannah Fuller, Director of Client Services, for a Q&A on Parking today and in the future.

We sat down with Hannah Fuller, Director of Client Services, for a Q&A on Parking today and in the future.

How long have you been working in parking?

Since Jan 2015. I previously spent 12 years in media planning, across international teams with tech firms such as Microsoft, Intel and Samsung.

Parking is all about making people’s lives that bit better. Being a busy working parent, I see the value in making things more convenient and that constantly drives me to making customers, and also clients’, lives easier.

How do you compare the industry today compared to then?

Back in 2015, half of cashless parking transactions were done via phone.

Today, that is down to 2% at JustPark locations. App development has been at the forefront of this.

Customers can now manage their accounts, and park in less than 20 seconds.

Cashless payments have soared in London. From around 40% to 90%. And we see this being consistent across the nation, the solution isn’t just for cities, we across all locations, with hugely rewarding benefits for drivers and operators.

How has parking grown as an industry?

The parking industry was very traditional.

We’re now seeing new entrants with more innovations - like JustPark. For example, our innovations are more than just cashless. It’s mobility in general, such as FleetCharge, where we’re enabling fleets to electrify years ahead of plan. At Local Authorities, parking was generally managed by specific parking teams.

Now, it is part of the wider transport and mobility planning, greatly supported by the data we can provide. It really makes a big difference having visibility to more data - faster coverage and better user experience on our app. Knowing we can impact people's lives, less stress before meetings, more time enjoying the day with the family, it’s fantastic! 

How can we improve further?

A few things come to mind…

Additional services through the app. The likes of insuring your parking sessions via JustPark and MOT reminders which we have recently launched.

We strive to give our clients more insight into the future. Data is ever so important. And also help everyone to decarbonise, be that with emissions-based pricing or growing the largest charging network in the UK.

Anything we have lost from the industry?

There’s always been fantastic people and great camaraderie within parking. 

We’ve missed the physical events and connection - let’s hope to get back to a place of partnering together to innovate, and share stories and strategies.

Will we always need parking?

It’ll be interesting to see the adaptations to transport over the coming decades.

Will cities be car-less? Will they be delivery only? Parking needs will adapt. As more and more places become urbanised, there will be an increased value in parking… but the answer is yes!

How do you see parking adapting in the next few years? 

Mostly with Multi-Vendor.

Multi-Vendor is where you can pay for parking with the option of multiple payment methods all at one location. Like paying for a coffee with the choice of debit, credit, ApplePay or cash - whatever suits that individual.

The customer has more choice in how they pay and it comes with a host of benefits… For parking apps, we can all reach a much larger audience, reduce our call centre queries, and have even better data insights to improve the experience further. Where it is more convenient for customers to pay via cashless, they use it more - cutting down costs for councils, whilst enjoying a faster and safer parking experience.

Multi-Vendor really can help everyone.

What advice would you give to people entering the industry?

Go to events, meet people and find out as much as you can.

The more you understand the further you’ll be able to go. Get to know the people, test things out and be a customer. Absorb your clients needs and trends.

Also, seek a mentor. Sign up via the British Parking Association. And for mentors, it’s valuable in gaining insights into other areas. What helps me become a better leader is inspiring the next generation. Bringing confidence to people. 

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