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Life at JustPark

How we shifted focus from parking to painting for one day only

We didn’t let lockdown get in the way of us holding a remote company Away Day. JustPark spent one afternoon presenting and painting.

Life at JustPark

5 essential qualities for a Customer Support Associate

We've identified the vital ingredients that make our Customer Support agents so special with 5 qualities that are at the heart of our success.

Life at JustPark

JustPark - Under the hood ep2.

Under the hood is an inside look at life at JustPark. This week, we're talking to our Head of Parking Partnerships about keeping the commercial team connected while working remotely.

Life at JustPark

JustPark - Under the hood ep3.

The 3rd in our behind-the-scenes series showcasing life at JustPark. This week, we're talking about how we acknowledge success and ensure we continuously strive for excellence in all we do.

Life at JustPark

JustPark - Under the hood ep1.

JustPark behind the scenes. This week we're talking about our Thursday celebration calls, what it's like singing happy birthday via Zoom and how we celebrate ParkDays.

JustPark for Business

How we’re building a world-class customer support team

The inside story: Technology has already changed the world of customer support drastically over the last few years. What are we doing to keep up?

Life at JustPark

Keeping remote employees engaged

Working remotely on a permanent basis can create a feeling of detachment. This is how we stay in touch and connected.

Life at JustPark

A first-hand account of the remote onboarding experience

Starting a new role during lockdown - how Hannah experienced her first days at JustPark.