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Life at JustPark

How we shifted focus from parking to painting for one day only

We didn’t let lockdown get in the way of us holding a remote company Away Day. JustPark spent one afternoon presenting and painting.

Life at JustPark

Under the hood: Life in Customer Support

This episode of Under the Hood gives insight into what working as a Customer Support agent at JustPark is like - and in particular, what makes it so great!

Life at JustPark

JustPark - Under the hood ep2.

Under the hood is an inside look at life at JustPark. This week, we're talking to our Head of Parking Partnerships about keeping the commercial team connected while working remotely.

JustPark for Business

How we’re building a world-class customer support team

The inside story: Technology has already changed the world of customer support drastically over the last few years. What are we doing to keep up?