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JustPark for Business

The very first installment of JustThinking! Here we go!

The very first installment of JustThinking! Here we go! We sat down with Hannah Fuller, Director of Client Services, for a Q&A on Parking today and in the future.

JustPark for Business

With a growing light at the end of the tunnel - be ready for office working

With the vaccination rollout fully underway, now is the perfect time to start preparations for when we are ready to go back into the office, including where to park.

Life at JustPark

JustPark - Under the hood ep.4

We catch up with Greg Hughes, our Commercial Director and extract some fascinating insights on how he has dealt with a very difficult year.

JustPark for Business

Dear JustPark community

An open letter by our CEO Anthony explaining the processes & policies in place at JustPark to tackle attempted fraud activity online.

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How Do I Know If I Can Rent Out My Parking Space?

Not sure if you can rent out your parking space? Check out our quick pop quiz to get all the answers.

JustPark for Business

Exclusive Q&A with Anthony Eskinazi

From an idea to a start-up & beyond - how did JustPark start, what lessons did founder & CEO Anthony learn and what's his advice for others?

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A passive income through sharing expertise

Copywriter Frani Heyns on how she started a side hustle as a career coach and her advice for anyone looking for a little change.

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When your side hustle becomes your job

Jeyda Heselton - CEO & co-founder of bike repair network Fettle - on how a side hustle turned full-time and what doors have to do with.

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When a side hustle is more than just a side hustle

JustPark's Mike Miner on the path from idea to product and side hustle and why sometimes failing is important.

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Starting up a side hustle

Fancy turning a hobby, talent or idea into a business? Here are our tips on how to make it work.

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How to earn a passive income

The dream of a passive income: making extra money without putting loads of time and effort in.


The Ultimate Christmas Driving Playlist

Christmas is great. Driving during Christmas season is stressful. We present the ultimate playlist to put you in the spirit.


Do You Know Your Parking Rights?

Parking rules - most of us THINK we know them, but do we? Let us tackle the confusion and set the record straight.