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Find parking in Tunbridge Wells

Information about parking in Tunbridge Wells

Finding where to park in a busy town sometimes comes with a lot of uncertainties. Both visitors and locals try to find affordable and accessible parking spaces in Royal Tunbridge Wells making the competition stiff, especially when the town is experiencing its peak tourist season. Luckily, JustPark makes it easy to find where to park within the shortest time possible. With thousands of spots for parking in Tunbridge Wells and several reservable, you can never go wrong when parking with JustPark.

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Rated 5 stars with an average satisfaction rating of 96%, JustPark is the UK’s favourite parking service. But don’t just take our word for it – check out some of the latest customer reviews below for our Tunbridge Wells parking spaces.

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Additional Information

Some additional information about parking in tunbridge wells, to cater to all your parking needs

  • On-street parking

    On-street parking in Tunbridge Wells is managed by Tunbridge Wells Borough Council whose aim is to control traffic within the town. You can find on-street parking spaces and directions to a viable spot using the JustPark parking app.

  • Off-street parking

    Several off-street parking spaces in Tunbridge Wells are under the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, with a few options run by commercial companies. Charges can go as low as three pounds per day with no parking limits. One can also find private driveways for parking near Tunbridge Wells as well.

  • Public transport

    The main public means of getting around Royal Tunbridge Wells is by bus and train. One can also use these two options for long distance travelling, as well as by air. The ferry is used for port to port connections. There are several parking spaces near the train and bus stations, near the airport and also close to the port. You can find all these parking spaces on the JustPark app.

  • Disabled parking

    Parking for Blue Badge holders in Royal Tunbridge Wells is free and no time limits are imposed. However, not all parking spaces offer disabled parking in Tunbridge Wells. You can search online to find which ones do, and the directions to the disabled parking spaces.

  • Parking restrictions & event days

    With several spaces for parking in Tunbridge Wells operated by the town’s council, you can be sure that parking restrictions are firmly enforced. To find ideal parking in Tunbridge Wells without getting into trouble with the traffic wardens, a quick search with JustPark will get you there in a few seconds.

  • Overnight, weekends & bank holidays

    Bank holiday parking in Tunbridge Wells is either free or cheaper than standard working days and on the weekends. You can find where to park on such days using the JustPark website and app.

  • Drop-off and pick-up

    Buses have several drop-off and pick-up points around the town with some usable by taxis and some as quick private drop-offs. You can find where to park near these points at any time of the day using JustPark. You can also opt to park away from the centre and take the bus into the town to avoid driving in traffic.

  • Nearby attractions

    Royal Tunbridge Wells is full of amazing sites to see and activities for both locals and tourists to enjoy. Some of the beautiful attractions include Calverley Grounds, The Pantiles and historical sites such as The Spa Valley Railway. You can find comfortable parking spaces near these attractions and also near bus stations where you can get a bus to the attraction sites.


    JustPark is the best parking solution for people in the town and visitors to Royal Tunbridge Wells. People can enjoy cashless parking when reserving online and can pay directly using the JustPark app.