JustPark - Under the hood ep3.

The 3rd in our behind-the-scenes series showcasing life at JustPark. This week, we're talking about how we acknowledge success and ensure we continuously strive for excellence in all we do.

To Strive for excellence is one of our core values, so it's important to take the time and recognise excellence in our team at every opportunity.

At JustPark, one of the ways we do that is through our shoutouts on Slack. Whether it's successfully completing a tricky project, reaching an audacious goal or just a simple acknowledgement of a great job well done, shoutouts give JustParkers the opportunity to recognise their colleagues on a daily basis and let the wider team know about the great work that's being done across the business.

Excellence comes in many forms

Excellence comes in many forms, both in and out of work so we acknowledge those successes too. That means congratulating one of our Commercial team on passing their driving test (great job, Jonty) or another first-time pass in her exams for one of our finance team (Victoria, we are in awe!)

Plus, not all the shoutouts are quite so serious. As well as recognising success, the shoutouts are a great way to have some fun with a more irreverent take on the week's high points.

Wrapping up the week

Every Friday afternoon, the whole company comes together at All Hands to reflect on the week. As well as a business update, product demos and info from our People team, the All Hands features a review of every shoutout submitted that week.

For Junaid Baldick, one of our Senior Software Engineers, the shoutouts are the best part of our weekly All Hands. "I just love shoutouts," he explains. "They're a bit of fun and a great way to end the week talking about the wins. Slack handles change pretty frequently too, so it's always fun watching our exec team try and put together the backstories behind each one to work out who the shoutout is for!"

On a winning streak

Each week, we award a winner and present a prize for the top shoutout. Sam Wright and Annie Milton Dean were recent winners, only 3 weeks after joining JustPark! For them, shoutouts are a great way to know you're on the right track.

Annie Milton Dean and Sam Wright, our Inside Sales Representative
Annie Milton Dean and Sam Wright, our Inside Sales Representative

"Getting shoutouts and recognition is just one of many things that highlights what's great about JustPark and the people here!" says Annie. "I'm really glad to have the support of my team and the wider company. Plus shoutouts are a great way to keep team morale, especially when working from home."

"It always feels great to be recognised for doing your job well," Sam agrees. "I was initially quite nervous about hitting the ground running. Receiving a shoutout definitely eased these nerves and reaffirmed that I am on the right track. Plus it lets you say 'look, mum, I've made it!' "

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