Fleet Electrification: Solved

With FleetCharge, we’re knocking down barriers to EV adoption, by providing an exclusive solution for drivers both with and without the ability to charge at home.

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Today’s charging concerns

For the 50% of UK drivers who don’t have off-street parking at home,
using an EV can be a challenge. 

Business drivers can’t afford the time out of their working day finding and using a public charger, and many charging locations are simply not suitable for larger vehicles to use.

We have launched FleetCharge to enable fleets to electrify faster, by democratising their driver’s ability to charge off-street overnight.

Unlocking the power of community charging.

We provide a full charging solution for both your drivers with off-street parking and those without.

Drivers with parking

We source, manage and install charging hardware at your driver’s property, supply 100% renewable energy and combine fees into a single monthly payment.

With a bespoke onboarding journey for each client, we remove the complexities of installation and get your drivers EV-ready pronto.

Drivers without parking

Utilising our 15 years experience in parking, we source a space within a 5 minute walk of the driver’s home, install the charging hardware, and provide exclusive access to that unit for the length of the contract.

These charging locations will be distributed across domestic and business properties, effectively creating a private charging network for your fleet, powered exclusively with renewable energy.

How it works

Find a Driveway

We use our extensive network of space owners to source an EV parking space within 5-minutes of your driver's home


We install the charging hardware where needed, and provide your driver with exclusive access to the unit for the length of the contract

Park & Charge

Your driver is then able to park, charge, and get on with their workday without the added stress that using public chargers bring

Faster Electrification

You can now electrify your fleet faster and well ahead of 2030. Rolling out electric vehicles to all your drivers - both with and without driveways

Live The Electric Dream

FleetCharge allows businesses to switch to EVs much faster than planned.
For drivers, having reliable and convenient access to charging overnight, allows them to get on with their work each morning, avoiding the time and anxiety of charging on the public network.

By partnering with key players in the EV sector, we’re building the platform and infrastructure needed to make EV charging more accessible and equitable - staying true to our mission to reduce both emissions and congestion.

Our Superpower

With 15 years of experience within the parking space industry, we have an unparalleled network of over 45,000 existing parking locations, 6 million customers and a talented team working to deliver at pace your FleetCharge needs.

Our Partners

We only work with the best.

Octopus, one of our preferred energy and charging installation partners, are world-famous for their exceptional 5* service, dedication to 100% green energy and low-cost EV tariffs. We only install the highest rated charging hardware, providing reliable and easy to manage charging.

Host an EV driver

If you have a driveway, you can help fleets electrify their vehicles by hosting a FleetCharge EV driver. We will install a charger for you, all you have to do is give the local driver access to it when needed.