JustCharge: Power For All

For drivers without access to their own charge point, owning an electric vehicle (EV) can seem impossible. 

JustCharge is about to change that: drivers with an electric vehicle charging point at home can rent it out to others on our platform. Quick and easy. 

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The fast lane to sustainable mobility

To achieve the UK’s goal to reduce carbon emissions, we need an extra few million of publicly available EV charging points. That is especially vital for the 16 million drivers who don’t have the ability to charge their vehicle at home.

Installing public on-street charging is not just expensive:  the pace of those installations is also much too slow to support drivers switching to EVs anytime soon.

JustCharge is a huge leap forward for public charging: if just 10% of those owning a home charger rent them out on our platform, we can double the number of publicly available chargers straight away!

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A dedicated charger when you need it

All of our chargers can be booked in advance. That means that you no longer have to fear driving around the city looking for a charging point risking an empty battery. Instead, you can find and book a charger in advance: it only takes a few minutes and they can get on with their day. Nice.

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EV power for all

We strongly believe that drivers without a driveway should not be faced with higher costs and a much more difficult EV ownership experience than anyone else.

That’s why the reliable and bookable chargers in our JustCharge network provide access to cheaper charging, all while saving hours finding and using public charge points.

No need to leave for work an hour earlier;  drivers can just book a neighbour’s charger, use it overnight, and be ready to go in the morning.

Accessibility is key

The needs of disabled and less mobile drivers have often been ignored when installing public charging infrastructure: unloading a wheelchair on the side of a busy road or even just having to parallel park in a tight space to get to a charger causes huge difficulties for many.

Charging on a driveway makes EV life  easier, safer and much more accessible for all drivers.

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Safety first

We’ve all seen it right? A cable coming out of a house, hanging across the pavement to charge a car...not great. With JustCharge points on off-street driveways pavements can remain clear and safe.