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By the time Reverend Graham Hunter joined St. John’s Church in 2011, the Georgian building was falling into disrepair and the congregation was shrinking. He realised the church would need to innovate to survive.

The church is situated in the heart of Hoxton, in a densely populated area just minutes from London’s Square Mile and outside the congestion zone. So Graham wanted to explore how the church’s parking spaces could add value to local residents and commuters, and improve their financial situation too.

The solution

After an initial consultation, we took on eight parking spaces and made the listing available to JustPark drivers on our website and app. Thanks to the church’s location, these spaces quickly became popular with both local residents and commuters.

The results

  • The church now earns between £8,500 and £10,000 per month from a previously untapped asset.
  • They were able to employ a youth counsellor whose work helps to keep young people in a notoriously problematic part of Hackney engaged in the community.
  • They have been able to fund many community projects, including a local night shelter and the building of a playground.

“JustPark has been instrumental in making St. John’s a central hub of the local community once again.”

Reverend Graham Hunter

St. John’s Church, Hoxton

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