Garden Carports


Next to Hyde Park, London

Site specs:

11 spaces


Pre-Book parking solution


Commercial Property

Listing 11 parking spaces on the JustPark platform, Garden Carports is a prime example of the huge benefits that our solutions can provide to businesses. Being in a high demand area, just around the corner from Hyde Park, Garden Carports wanted to monetise their unused spaces but were unable to find a way of easily renting them out themselves. They didn’t want the extra hassle of constantly having to organise and drum up demand.

The solution

Say hello to JustPark Pre-Book Parking.

Our pre-book solution has allowed Garden Carports  to list their spaces on the JustPark platform, making them available to our community of nearly 10 million drivers. Partnering on a lease basis, a new additional passive revenue stream has been created turning the underutilised car parking spaces into a key asset.

By using the solution, we are able to lease the 11 spaces from Garden Carports, creating a guaranteed income from the spaces month on month. 

The results

  • The spaces have been available to book on JustPark since 2017, five years and counting!  We work with our clients to build long-lasting relationships and maximise earnings from their real estate. 
  • On average Garden Carports are earning around £58,000 a year from these spaces and they don’t have to lift a finger. We lease the spaces from them, giving them a guaranteed monthly income while our platform finds the drivers to fill the spaces. The prime location means drivers can easily park up and enjoy what central London has to offer. 
  • As a result of the successes from the 11 car park spaces currently listed on JustPark, Garden Carports are looking to make more spaces available via our app as the successes of easy income continue.


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