6 reasons why JustPark has the ultimate long term parking solution

July 13, 2020
6 reasons why JustPark has the ultimate long term parking solution

Looking for cheaper long term parking? JustPark’s Monthly Saver is the easiest way to book your favourite parking space on a monthly basis, whether you need it for 3 months, 6 months or indefinitely. Here’s why…

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JustPark’s Monthly Saver saves you more money

The clue is in the name! When you book in advance with JustPark you’re already making a saving. But when you opt for a monthly parking booking with JustPark’s Monthly Saver, the price is on average 43% cheaper than booking the same space on a daily basis. You’re not just saving on time and money though; you’re saving on stress as all it takes is one booking. We think monthly parking is the smartest way to park: save money, save time, save stress (which leads to Reason no.2…)

It’s the stress-free way to park

With JustPark’s Monthly Saver, there’s no more having to book daily or weekly. You can even select rolling payment, so you never need to update or renew anything again. You’ll be billed on a monthly basis (rather than an upfront payment for the entire booking) and can easily access VAT receipts for your records. You can also change the vehicle allocated to the booking whenever you need to, no problem.

It’s the safer way to park

With more people choosing to commute by car and avoid public transport, making sure you have a parking space at your destination every day provides extra peace of mind. Touchless payment means none of the hassle of traditional car parking: no barriers, no pay and display machines, no fumbling for the correct change. Simply find your parking space in the required location, book it and relax.

Access to a huge selection of parking spaces

Our parking network covers over 45,000 locations across the UK. From office and hotel car parks to driveways and off-street parking spaces that get you closer to where you need to be, there are thousands of different spaces. Whether you want reliable parking that gets you to your job, need a guaranteed space near home or close to a train station, you can take your pick according to your monthly parking needs.

The UK’s favourite parking app

The JustPark app is the UK’s favourite parking app. We’re always flattered by our customers’ reviews about how easy the JustPark app is to use. Because for many people our app is a game-changer: it changes how they feel about parking because it makes parking genuinely stress-free. Which makes life in general less stressful! It’s easy to opt for JustPark’s Monthly Saver on the app and make a long term parking booking in just a few taps.

No-contract long term parking

It’s true, JustPark’s Monthly Saver offers contract-free long term parking. Once you’ve made your monthly booking, you’re 100% in control and can manage it via the app. We don’t think you’ll want to, but if you need to cancel at any point, all that takes is a few taps too. If you do want to talk to us, our Customer Support team is always on hand to walk you through the app or answer your questions. Welcome to flexible, no-contract monthly parking!

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