What is the National Parking Platform?

Say goodbye to the need for multiple parking apps — the new NPP initiative benefits drivers and councils alike.

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We know how annoying it can be to have to use a different parking app each time you go to a different car park. But there is a change on the way across the UK, which means you can simply pick your favourite parking app (if you're reading this, we hope that’s JustPark 👀) and use it every time you need to pay to park.

This is the aim of the National Parking Platform (NPP), a government-led initiative currently being trialled in areas across the UK, including Coventry, Oxford and Manchester. So, it might be you have already come across it. Whilst it’s still in the pilot phase, there are a lot of indications it will become nationwide soon. It's smart, simple, and all about making your parking experience much more convenient. 

Here is everything you need to know: 

Why is the government rolling out the NPP?

The Department of Transport is backing the NPP trial with the aim of making parking easier for drivers by removing the confusion of having to use different payment methods when trying to park in different parts of the country. 

The goal instead is a user-friendly system that operates the same way everywhere across the UK. And the government, together with lots of others in the parking industry, believe that the best way to achieve this is by letting drivers themselves choose which app they prefer to pay with, rather than having to use the one the car park tells you to. 

The NPP is essentially an open market for parking apps. 

Whilst it is still in its trial phase in the UK, it has also been successfully implemented in other countries, including Germany, the Netherlands and the Nordics, providing ample evidence that it is a good idea. 

How will NPP differ from the current situation?

Currently, local authorities choose their preferred app (or, in some cases, multiple apps) for their car parks. As a driver, this means you need to have the right app downloaded for each space you park in. Across the UK, this could involve juggling numerous apps, which can be frustrating. 

With the NPP, you can simply pick your favourite app and stick with it.

How will I benefit from NPP as a driver? 

The big benefit is freedom of choice. You can stick with your go-to app you’re already using, whether you're looking to get a last-minute space at a shopping centre, park on-street near your date night spot or book ahead of time for airport travel. 

This simplifies your life because you won't need a bunch of different apps cluttering your phone. Your smart move is to choose an app that covers various parking options, not just drive-up, so you don't need separate apps for things like pre-booking parking spaces.

Are there any restrictions on which apps I can use?

All the apps that you currently use for drive-up and pay parking, including JustPark, are part of the NPP. So, if you already have one on your phone, then you're ready to go.

How will I know when it's introduced in my local area?

Keep an eye on JustPark channels or check your inbox, as we often share the latest updates with our registered drivers. You might also spot different signage when you park, giving you more options for apps to use.

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