How a modern approach to parking has increased visitors to Canary Wharf

Being the financial capital of London coupled with continual redevelopments, options for parking are often limited and in high demand around Canary Wharf.

The Canary Wharf Group (CWG) sits in a major business and financial district, with a large number of workers, visitors and tourists coming through the area on a daily basis, creating a high demand for parking spaces. 

As a result, drivers are often forced to park in overcrowded areas or travel further distances to reach their office or business meetings. Noticing an opportunity, CWG began offering parking that can be reserved ahead of time through JustPark in underutilised parking spaces across their car parks to both alleviate demand and create a new revenue stream.

Helping to fill demand for high-traffic areas in busy districts

Following the same forward-thinking approach of the Canary Wharf district, businesses are taking proactive steps to maximise their profits. As hybrid working becomes increasingly popular across business sectors, the occupancy of parking spaces is diminishing.

With the CWG spaces listed on the JustPark platform, all driver profiles, from professionals to tourists, are able to pre-book their parking. This increased visibility of available parking was one of the parking management solutions that appealed to Witold Kirason, Operations Manager:

“Canary wharf saw the potential of offering pre-book parking options on our existing parking system, expanding our client base, reducing administration associated with pre-booking. We wanted to modernise our system and give alternative options to clients to access our car parks.”

In recent years, the number of residential properties has increased in Canary Wharf, with over 3,500 people living in the area and many more commuting in for work. The number of restaurants, green spaces and shopping areas have grown, bringing in new driver profiles — those visiting for leisure. The construction of mixed-use buildings that incorporate both commercial and residential spaces has further impacted the cost for land and space. 

Developers may build apartment complexes or condominiums alongside office buildings to create a more diverse and integrated urban environment, but not accommodate those travelling to and from the new building. This is where the benefits of “unconventional” parking platforms come into play for businesses who have unused space in the surrounding areas.

Seamless system integration and reporting is key to success

The JustPark platform integrated with Canary Wharf’s existing APT SKIDATA system works to deliver a seamless and cashless parking experience, which makes life easier for both drivers and CWG. With minimal touchpoints and robust automation, bookings could get started right away. And with an ever-growing demand for parking spaces, speed of bookings is of definite importance.

“An as example of recent success, Marlin Canary Wharf Car Park has seen an 160% increase in bookings from their first to most recent year listed on JustPark.”

As the demand increases, CWG are scaling their use of JustPark, listing more spaces on the platform. The performance of these car parks are then provided in detailed reports through the JustPark Luna Dashboard, so they can monitor their best-performing spaces and see where there are areas of improvement.

Have a business that might benefit from working with JustPark? Get in touch today or fill out the form below and we can work against your business goals to generate a hassle-free revenue stream. 

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