Revenue generated from JustPark leads to upgrades for Birmingham City Church

With the removal of admin costs, Birmingham City Church are reaping the benefits through this new side income.

Birmingham City Church (BCC), like many partners, are proactive in their hunt for extra revenue streams. And this is where JustPark loves to help — especially when we see the direct benefits!

It’s always great to receive feedback from our partners on how JustPark is helping them. We normally hear how demand and revenue have shot up since spaces were listed on the app, however, we often forget about the admin side of things which can be a real burden for businesses. 

The problem: BCC discovered the pain of admin costs limiting their revenue stream

Despite the paid monthly permits provided to local residents and businesses, any financial benefit from this was countered by the admin cost. Made even worse when residents stopped paying and continued to park without enforcement.

JustPark’s work with all UK enforcement agencies is more important now than ever with some of the illegal parking habits taking place. As brave but foolish drivers leave their vehicles without paying, they are now being held accountable as we make sure car park owners receive their deserved return.

The solution: JustPark offers a hassle-free solution to car park management

Ian Flanagan, Head of Operations at BCC, said the benefits of using JustPark have far surpassed their expectations.

“Benefits so far have been beyond the expected revenue. Any and all admin costs were removed after the first month. We contacted all Permit Holders and Contractor Firms explaining they can now use the JustPark app to pre-book parking. Thus taking me out of the loop - far easier than having to chase and chase on email!” 

From the first month alone, Ian says new floodlights and lighting upgrades are being installed to the car park and the exterior of the building. Therefore improving the feel, look and appeal of the church. This is especially useful going into the winter period, where the sunset is consistently going down before the end of the work day, and many people need to navigate to their cars in the dark.

Longer term, Ian and the team are looking to hire a new member of the church staff which has always been the goal, but is now achievable. 

"We are delighted with our partnership with JustPark. Revenue is high and the support we receive from our relationship manager Vicky is excellent. We are looking forward to utilising the funds from our parking spaces to help the church work going forward, as this will only benefit those that interact with the BCC family. Thank you, JustPark!"

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