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Kew Green Hotel portfolio now on JustPark


  • 24 hotels in the Kew Green portfolio are using JustPark’s innovative platform to generate additional revenue from their unused parking spaces
  • Hotels in the group can make data-driven decisions to help maximise the yield of otherwise empty parking spaces, while also improving the visitor experience
  • The JustPark app connects Kew Green Hotels to 5.5 million drivers looking for convenient access to parking
  • JustPark’s simple and efficient on-boarding process has enabled the hotels’ management teams to prepare for the anticipated rise in demand post-lockdown

Kew Green Hotels is optimising the usage of over 400 parking spaces across 24 of its sites with support from leading parking technology company, JustPark. With the portfolio looking to optimise all of its assets once lockdown restrictions have eased, it needed a partner that could rapidly on-board its car parks and begin raising customer awareness.

The 24 hotels from the Kew Green group, including Crowne Plaza John Lennon Airport, Holiday Inn Norwich North, and Holiday Inn York, will list a proportion of their available parking spaces on the JustPark app, driving demand and allowing them to generate additional revenue from their assets. 

The JustPark app connects the group’s hotels with over 5.5 million drivers, and is designed with customer convenience at its core. Drivers are presented with a simple, contactless method of payment at any car park using the JustPark platform, removing the stress and confusion often associated with car park transactions.

JustPark’s all-in-one platform, Luna, provides an efficient way for hospitality managers to track performance, access detailed reports and manage bookings. Having access to this level of data enables managers to understand how their car parks are performing and therefore make more informed decisions, as well as saving time on parking-related administration and improving the customer experience

The JustPark platform is integrated with the group’s existing Parkingeye ANPR system, and the platform’s scalability means that spaces can be easily added and removed according to the demand generated by the JustPark App. The ease with which the platform can respond to changing customer demands enables management teams to react quickly to opportunities and ensure maximum utilisation of spaces.

Dan Laskey, Senior Business Development Manager at JustPark, said, “JustPark’s combination of award-winning technology and a data-driven approach makes us an ideal partner for those looking to monetise their parking in a way that is secure and easy to manage. 

“It’s no surprise that an increasing number of hotels are beginning to treat their parking spaces like hotel rooms in order to optimise revenue and customer experience. With a simple on-boarding process and the potential to generate additional revenue from otherwise wasted space, partnering with JustPark is the smart way to manage your car parks”. 

JustPark has partnered with more than 160 hotels across the UK, allowing them to make their parking spaces available on the JustPark app and manage parking on a single platform. Some hotels using JustPark have found that their parking revenue has more than doubled, while unauthorised parking has decreased by as much as 90%.