Unlock Hidden Earnings: JustPark Reveals How Living Near a Sports Ground or Music Arena Can Help Boost Your Income

JustPark drivers listed as living near a sports ground make on average 57% more annually through renting out their driveways to time with sporting games, gigs or other events.

  • JustPark drivers listed as living near a sports ground make on average 57% more annually through renting out their driveways to time with sporting games, gigs or other events, than those space owners not living near grounds.
  • This past year’s big stadium events have led to high demand for parking spaces with fans proving super organised - Harry Styles fans pre-booked on average 37 days before his UK gigs. 

13 November 2023, London, UK  - JustPark, the UK’s most useful parking app, with a user base of more than 13 million drivers, has shared data demonstrating the untapped potential for private driveway owners living near some of the UK's most iconic stadiums.

This year witnessed an unprecedented surge in the demand for parking spaces during major stadium events across the UK. JustPark's findings reveal that homeowners living in proximity to these bustling sports venues saw their annual income increase by a remarkable 57% by renting out their driveways to event goers, be it sports fans or music enthusiasts.In a summer filled with gigs by international superstars including Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Harry Styles, alongside the usual array of major sporting spectacles, many homeowners took advantage of JustPark to rent out their driveways. This in turn helps to facilitate hassle-free parking experiences for drivers, eliminating the need to make a hasty exit before the encore to avoid any queues.

JustPark currently lists more than 50,000 private driveways on their website and app, with some hosts generating an annual income exceeding £4,000 by offering highly sought-after parking spaces. Hosts living near sports grounds across the UK earn 1.6 times more in revenue, with the average host earning around £500 in the past 12 months, often making up the money in fewer bookings. 

Increased Driver Demand

Notably, not only are hosts realising the financial opportunities at their doorstep, but the demand from drivers is also on the rise. JustPark analysed data from the past year at venues including Wembley, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, Principality Stadium, Cardiff and Murrayfield to identify who are the most organised fans in the UK, revealing dramatically different results that were also reflective of the location. 

  • Coldplay fans exhibited the utmost preparation, starting their parking search for Principality Stadium in Cardiff a staggering 116 days before their gig!
  • Bruce Springsteen fans were also super organised - with an average search time of 78 days to find the perfect parking spot for his Murrayfield gig. 
  • Harry Styles enthusiasts were also forward-thinking, commencing their parking quest 33 days in advance to his Wembley appearance, 55 days for Murrrayfield and an impressive 71 days prior for the Principality Stadium.

Other examples included: 

Using JustPark to park close to stadiums, arenas and concert venues is normally much more cost effective than parking on-site, especially as JustPark now offers a Best Price Guarantee. JustPark, who park a car every two seconds, will not only match any lower price found but also knock an additional 20% off, giving the driver the best possible price and money-back. 

 In addition, JustPark drivers often cite being able to get out of official parking restrictions and away from the event much quicker as one of the key benefits.  

Anthony Eskinazi, CEO at JustPark, said: "JustPark originated from my own frustrations of not being able to find parking at a baseball game in San Francisco, so it is not surprising that so many of our drivers use JustPark when they are attending concerts and sporting events. Helping people easily park so they can then simply get on with the good stuff in their lives like seeing their favourite artist or football team, is what JustPark is all about. So, it is also great to see not only the demand for parking, but that so many of our hosts are faring well in their pockets too. If you live near a sports ground, it is an easy way to make some cash with minimal admin or efforts required.”

JustPark space owners, who have embraced this income opportunity by renting out their driveway during major events, also shared their experiences.  

Michael Rosser, Cardiff said: "I live around 15 minutes’ walk from the principality stadium in Cardiff and have found JustPark to be a great source of regular income. It is great for those coming to the stadium, many drivers complain about the high parking charges and traffic congestion in the city, so they avoid both by using my space. I use the app as a driver too and having seen the app from both sides over a number of years, I think it provides a fantastic service for both space holders and those looking to park." 
David Wright, London said: “I remember this summer Depeche Mode were playing in concert at Twickenham Stadium.  Our street was literally flooded with Depeche Mode fans parking.  Between my neighbour and me we can park up to 4 cars. On this occasion, I had an old keyboard I was selling.  I ran a lead out to the front of the house and we attempted to play the beginning melody to "Just Can't Get Enough".  We got pretty good, we thought.  Made a few of the Depeche Mode fans laugh and kept me and my neighbours entertained. This wouldn't have happened if we didn't rent out our spaces.  Over the years I've met some really nice people and enjoy giving them advice on where to go in Twickenham for food and drinks.” 
Michael Morrison, London said: “My space is located very close to Lords Cricket Ground ensuring no one is ‘stumped’ and left ‘caught out’ when searching for a convenient place to park. I have hosted cricketing royalty such as Sir Andrew Strauss’s parents, who were ‘bowled over’, but everyone is welcome! Having been with Just Park for many, many years, I have had a very good ‘innings’; long may it continue. With any other company it would just not be ‘cricket’ and you could even end up ‘on a sticky wicket’! Why not follow others who ‘off their own bat’ have made the best choice.”
Abdullah Al Nofal, London said: “As a JustPark host [based near Wembley Stadium], I've had the opportunity to meet a diverse range of people, each with their own unique stories and reasons for visiting. From avid football fans to concert-goers, the excitement and energy they bring to our neighbourhood is palpable. My role in providing them with a convenient and safe parking spot adds to their experience and, in turn, enriches mine. “Being a JustPark host not only benefits those attending events but also brings a sense of community and connection to those of us living in the vicinity. It's a simple yet effective way to bridge the gap between local residents and visitors, fostering a spirit of hospitality and mutual respect.”
Cameron Brooks, London said: “I have loved being able to offer my parking space to guests attending sports or music events at nearby venues. Those venues include the homes of West Ham United, Tottenham Hotspur and Leyton Orient. It’s great to be able to interact with fans - whether that be the excitement and anticipation ahead of the game or the joy of victory, or the bitterness of defeat! Whatever the result, my guests have the security of off-street parking and the convenience of a reserved spot for any time they need.” 

For more information, on either renting out your own space or signing up to help you find parking visit justpark.com.

Gigantic Tickets, a primary ticket agency in the UK, have partnered with JustPark to help event-goers easily and safely find a convenient place to park when attending an event. Gigantic Tickets customers have found that using JustPark makes finding event parking hassle-free - especially for high capacity events in stadiums and arenas - and creates a better pre-event atmosphere for everyone.

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