JustPark launches first-ever brand campaign across London, raising awareness of 45,000 private driveways available to book through the app

JustPark has launched its first-ever brand awareness campaign across a range of physical and digital channels, promoting the concept of parking on private driveways which can be booked in advance through the JustPark platform.

  • JustPark has launched its first-ever brand awareness campaign across a range of physical and digital channels, promoting the concept of parking on private driveways which can be booked in advance through the JustPark platform
  • Commuters across the London area will see the campaign assets in a range of placements including in rail stations, on TfL journeys, along key walking routes and online through YouTube, Meta, TikTok and more
  • The campaign is expected to deliver a series of positive benefits to JustPark’s brand health metrics including increased recognition, furthered trust and organic uplifts in traffic and acquisitions

20 June 2023, London, UK - JustPark, the UK’s most trusted parking platform with over 45,000 private driveways and parking spaces available to reserve in advance, has launched a first-of-its-kind brand campaign across London and surrounding commuter regions, aiming to bring mass awareness and education to a relevant and engaged audience.

The campaign concept makes the JustPark proposition simple: “It’s like parking on your mate’s drive — if you had 45,000 mates.” The hero creative shows an everyday character parking his car in multiple locations showing a diverse range of homeowners who list their space on the platform, allowing drivers to reserve a space to park their car while making a passive income. A small selection of placements also highlight the benefits of listing your space through the platform.

The concept was brought to life through a new partnership with Noise Media, whose holistic media plan brings new channels and formats forward for JustPark including multiple out-of-home (OOH) placements across key areas of the city in rail stations, commuter hot-spots, street furniture and tube cards across the TfL network.

The physical activity will be underpinned by digital awareness and traffic-driving initiatives, designed to drive further organic uplift and web traffic. Over the next three months, the campaign will be amplified regionally, with campaign assets expecting to reach upwards of 80 million impressions.

The campaign comes at a pivotal time for the business following two new product releases: voice activation and in-car booking.

Holly Parsons, Chief Marketing Officer at JustPark, said: “As market leaders in the parking industry, JustPark enriches the lives of millions of drivers across the UK every year. We have ambitious goals to continue to grow our core user base while making practical yet innovative product improvements to create the best user experience possible. This campaign is a major step towards reaching our full brand potential in a highly engaged market, raising visibility and trust of our core offerings through the JustPark app and website.”

Anthony Goldman, Co-Founder of Noise Media, said: “JustPark came to the table with a strong vision and it has been great to work on such a diverse multi-channel campaign across London. It’s also great to see a brand invest in awareness and brand-building alongside ongoing performance channels too in a challenging economy.”

Visit the JustPark website or download the app to explore the vast network of private driveways, garages and car parks available to book on-demand now.



JustPark, established in 2006, is the UK’s most trusted parking platform. The premise is simple: we connect more than 12 million drivers with parking spaces through our award-winning app and web platform. More than 45,000 home owners and some of the UK’s biggest councils and car parking companies use the service to monetise their unused driveways and parking spaces.

By downloading the JustPark app or visiting www.justpark.com, drivers can enter where and when they need a parking space and users can book a spot in advance, guaranteeing them a safe, secure space upon arrival.


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