Commercial property

Parking is an often overlooked opportunity within commercial real estate, but car parks can prove a very lucrative business – and often lie empty or underused.

JustPark specialise in unlocking this parking potential. With industry-leading technology and flexible operational solutions, we increase your assets’ value, boost returns, and provide a better service for clients, tenants and customers.

Maximise your revenue by plugging into the power of parking proptech.

Unlocking your parking potential

JustPark works with property companies, asset managers and agents across the UK to maximise the value of their parking assets – from existing car parks of all sizes, to empty land with parking potential.

With leasing requirements changing, commercial buildings often have spare parking spaces. Our add-on solution can monetise these independently of tenant requirements and increase your yields.

Whilst awaiting development to progress on otherwise empty land, JustPark’s pop-up solution can help you create an income-producing asset on flexible terms – handling all car park operations and setup . 

Get in touch today to discuss how our technology can be tailored your needs – and drive increased value from your parking assets.

Working with world-renowned clients

Providing industry-leading solutions

Unrivalled marketing

With over >3 million registered drivers, we can send you more paying customers than any other parking service.

Dynamic pricing

Our award-winning dynamic pricing engine is proven to increase yield by 20% on average using machine-learning algorithms.

Customer friendly payments

Our 5-star rated mobile payments and digital pay-on-foot systems give customers the ability to pay in just a few taps.

Yield management

Our back-office portal can show you how your car park is performing in real-time via its easy-to-use interface.

Secure GSM access control

Our innovative GSM solution can be bolted onto any existing entry system – allowing exclusive access to JustPark drivers only during their booked period.

Flexible validations

Use our validation system to offer incentives to certain customers or users, giving you better insight into how your buildings are being used.

Case Studies

  • Annual parking revenues of £28,000
  • Average customer rating 4.9 out of 5
  • Car park occupancy 80%

“BT are currently using JustPark and find their services excellent and their team extremely accommodating and flexible.”
- Hilary Bishop, Property Manager

Palace Capital
  • Monthly parking revenue increased by 100%
  • Average customer rating 4.95 out of 5

"Since June 2017, we have been working with JustPark on the most effective strategy for our car park. Using GSM barrier technology, they have enabled us to open up our spaces to short term drivers as well as our existing long term season ticket holders. This along with price optimisation has doubled our parking revenues."
- Richard Starr, Director of Property

Centurion Group
  • Average customer rating 4.4 out of 5
  • Average occupancy 95% through dynamic pricing

“I am extremely happy with the JustPark management and marketing service. Everything runs very smoothly, and seriously reduces the amount of admin I need to do for the car park, whilst also driving significant additional revenue which we would otherwise not have due to the location of the car park”
- Charles Draycott, Executive Chairman

Caxtons Chartered Surveyors
  • Revenue generating from Day 1
  • Over 100 bookings in the first 4 weeks

JustPark started working at the car park in April 2017, installing payments signage and access technology - driving demand through the JustPark App, while also allowing tenants to book additional spaces in the car park on an ad-hoc basis.

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