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Access an audience of 2.5 million customers from your desk.

Unrivalled marketing

Marketing is one of the biggest challenges when running a car park. With over 2.5 million people using JustPark to find, reserve and pay for parking, we open up a significant new revenue stream for operators and property owners – raising awareness of your car parks and filling empty spaces, plus ensuring a positive driver experience to increase loyalty and repeat custom.

We have built an automated digital marketing engine which has tripled our efficiency of customer acquisition. Across multiple channels (including Adwords and social media), we optimise our adverts in real-time to drive maximum traffic to car parks.


Uncertainty about availability is the biggest concern drivers face when parking.

Seamless reservations

Drivers don’t just want an app for payments: they want an app that makes the whole end-to-end process easier. With JustPark’s easy-to-use mobile app and desktop site, drivers can reserve in advance – giving them total peace of mind that they have a guaranteed space on arrival

Creating an effortless, stress-free parking experience vastly improves customer satisfaction – leading to increased repeat usage at your car park.

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