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Season tickets and long-term parking solutions

From season tickets to long-term parking, we have a range of solutions to help you meet the parking needs of different drivers.

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A car park showing a no entry sign


Issue season and multi-use tickets the easy way

Some drivers need a once-off parking space, while others use the same car park every week for work.
With our platform, you can sell any type of ticket and meet the parking needs of different driver groups. We’ll create these using your branding and include a custom URL and your own terms and conditions. This will build trust and give drivers extra reassurance.


Why it works for drivers

Select Benefit

Ideal for drivers who use the same car park every day

Reduce costs and lower risks

You can apply a discount on daily fees

Drivers can book and manage tickets online

Create different time periods for more booking options

Drivers block buy multiple sessions for a particular car park at discounted rates

They’ll redeem one session each time they park

Drivers can buy day parking to use in different car parks

Ideal to visit multiple tourist attractions

Client Success Story

What our clients say

Cornwall Council

We implemented a range of cashless solutions across all the council’s off-street car parks. We also created a business account for staff members and set up season, rover and multi-use tickets for the general public.

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Cashless payment solutions for retailers

Our cashless payment service allows drivers to find nearby parking in less than 30 seconds, park and pay via our app.

There’s no need to touch keypads, push buttons or handle cash. It’s the smartest way to manage and optimise car park occupancy and keep customers and staff safe.

A stress-free way to park

With our long-term parking solution, drivers can set off on their journey knowing they have an available space for however long they need it.

Guaranteed income

By offering long-term parking, you’ll generate guaranteed revenue from your parking assets – often before the booking takes place.

A community of 4.5m drivers

Millions of drivers

With 4.5 million drivers using our platform, we’ll make sure you always have eyes on your listing.

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