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Generate revenue, all year round

With our pre-book solution, we can help you earn revenue from empty parking spaces. So you can tap into an overlooked asset and boost your income, even during quiet periods.

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Optimise spare spaces

Unlock additional revenue from the spare spaces on your site. We’ll put your parking spaces in front of our community of over 8 million drivers, helping you get more bookings and providing much needed spaces to drivers. Win win.

Choose when to list spaces

You get to pick and choose when to list your spaces on the app. So whether you have a particular time of the week or a set period of the year when you want to list your spaces, we have the flexibility to do just that.

Verified drivers

Every driver on our platform is verified, therefore preventing unauthorised parking. Letting you to easily manage and track your spaces, solving problems such as overcrowding within the busier periods.

Vehicle registration in real-time

With real-time visibility of every vehicle registration that books one of your spaces, you can focus on boosting additional revenue rather than worrying about the security of your site.

We are helping drivers book last minute with you!

We are giving drivers access to your parking spaces while on the move. Using voice activated and bookable parking through Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, when a driver is out and needs to park, we’ll connect them to your space.  

Client Success Story

What our clients say

Garden Carports, Hyde Park

Using our pre-book solution Garden Carports have turned under-utilised spaces into a consistent passive income of over £50,000 per year.

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Monetise empty parking spaces

Not all parking spaces at hotels, offices, schools and many others are always fully occupied. And the longer they remain vacant, the more you’ll lose out in missed revenue.

Whether you have only a few spaces available or an entire car park, we can help you generate guaranteed revenue with our pre-book parking solution. It’s easy to implement and once you’re set up, our 8 million verified drivers can use our website or app to reserve and pay for your parking spaces in advance.
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Tap into our driver base, without lifting a finger

We provide marketing support through multiple channels, like Google search and social media, to optimise adverts for our parking spaces in real time. Which means you’ll always have eyes on your listings. Plus, we have a Trustpilot score of over 4.5 and offer a range of convenient cashless payment options.

That’s why over 8 million drivers trust us to help them find parking and why we’ll be able to create demand for your spare parking spaces.

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