A computer displaying a detailed report

Meet Luna, our intelligent data platform

With Luna, you’ll always have full visibility of occupancy, pricing and performance. So you can optimise your car park and maximise earnings, all year round.

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A computer displaying a detailed report


A smart, all-in-one data platform

Whether you have one car park or an entire portfolio, managing spaces and keeping an eye on bookings are challenging without the right technology in place. And if you’re still using outdated or manual systems, preparing financial reports can take hours. 

Luna, our smart parking management tool, is entirely cloud-based and a live reporting system - with real-time data updates whenever you need it. It’s secure, quick and easy to implement and gives you full visibility of occupancy, pricing and performance. You can generate reports in minutes, so you’ll simplify accounting and cut admin time for staff.


Why it works for clients

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Access updates every hour, day, week and month

Increase return on investment and hit targets

Analyse occupancy and revenue trends

Make data-driven decisions to optimise returns

Pull all your data into one place

Generate detailed usage, occupancy and financial reports

Enter standardised periods or customised dates

Easily access booking summaries, transactions and refunds

Save time on parking administration tasks

Client Success Story

What our clients say


After we onboarded RCP and implemented our parking solutions, positive reviews and five-star ratings soon started pouring in. Today, RCP car parks are some of the most visited sites on our platform.

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Cashless payment solutions for retailers

Our cashless payment service allows drivers to find nearby parking in less than 30 seconds, park and pay via our app.

There’s no need to touch keypads, push buttons or handle cash. It’s the smartest way to manage and optimise car park occupancy and keep customers and staff safe.


When your account is ready, we’ll start the onboarding process and share our helpful guide on getting started. 

Product champion

We’ll ask you to nominate a product champion. They’ll be able to add users to the platform and grant permissions. 

Using Luna

Once you’re fully set up, you can view parking sessions, analyse your car park’s financial performance, gather key insights and create portfolios.

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