A gateway to an enhanced parking experience with cashless payments.

Our cashless payment options give drivers a greater choice and cut cash collection costs, while improving parking compliance and reporting for our clients.

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Not so long ago, cashless payment options were more about convenience. More and more people now expect to pay for services without handling cash – and that includes parking.

Drivers can use our website or app to find and pay for parking and paying is easy as we accept all major debit and credit cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay. And if someone prefers to use their mobile phone to book & pay for parking, they can use our IVR (interactive voice response) or book with a simple text.

Customer benefits:

• Quick and safe touchless payments
• Greater choice and efficient service
• Customers can pay without leaving their car

• Handy SMS reminders and easy extensions
• Availability and wayfinding features are available to all user
• Customer Service team on hand to assist

Create a seamless parking experience with AutoPay

AutoPay allows drivers to park at eligible car parks without having to manually pay for their session.

AutoPay recognises when a car enters & exits the car park & automatically charges for the time spent parked.

Hassle free, easy to use & significantly increases parking compliance.

1. Arrival

Driver arrives at the entry barrier to the car park.


ANPR cameras register number plate & entry time.

3. AutoPay Starts

If set up, JustPark app starts the AutoPay session.

4. Parking

The car is parked.

5. Exit

Driver returns to car and goes to exit barrier.


ANPR cameras register the number plate and exit time.

7. Payment

AutoPay session ends & driver is charged.

Flexibility of tickets tailored to driver needs

As well as processing on-demand parking payments and optimising the customer experiences, JustPark can also provide:

• Season tickets

• Resident permits

• Multi-use tickets

Rather than building this functionality ourselves, we rely on experts with deep permitting experience including ZatPark and Imperial.

These permit integrations, with ZatPark, work seamlessly with Cornwall and Woking Councils contracts.

“The University of Bath was seeking to offer customers as many options as possible to pay for parking in the most convenient manner. One of our suppliers was not able to service some equipment which left us at short notice with the problem of finding an alternative supplier.

We were introduced to JustPark and from day one they have fully understood the issues, worked tirelessly in a short period of time to set up the system to a very tight deadline and have been super supportive since the inception of the system. I highly recommend their service.”

Head of security, University of Bath

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