Client Success Story

What our clients say

Sarah Naghshineh, Associate Director, RCP

JustPark has managed to reach drivers that RCP couldn’t have attracted on our own. They have helped us increase revenue across the sites they partner with us on and have made a big difference to our bottom line.

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A person using a phone to pay for parking

Quick and easy cashless payments

Our cashless payment options give drivers a greater choice and cut cash collection costs, while improving parking compliance and reporting for our clients.

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A person using a phone to pay for parking

Cashless Payments

Safe, convenient ways to book and pay

Not so long ago, cashless payment options were more about convenience. But thanks to Covid-19, it’s no longer just a nice-to-have. More and more people expect to pay for services without handling cash – and that includes parking.

Whether drivers use our website or app to find and pay for parking, we accept all major debit and credit cards, Apply Pay and Google Pay. And if someone prefers to use their mobile phone to book and pay for parking, they can use our IVR (interactive voice response) or SMS services.


Why it works for drivers

Select Benefit
Increased time spent parked

Register and pay in 30 seconds

Pay card, Apple Pay or Google Pay

Use Apple Sign In to log in or check out

Log in with Google and Facebook

Book and pay by phoning us (IVR)

Check out in 90 seconds

Send us a text to book and pay by SMS

JustPark app and parking solutions

Extend parking sessions by phone or SMS

Client Success Story

What our clients say

University of Bath

We’ve been working with University of Bath since June 2018 and implemented our cashless payment solution in five car parks. Since then, their car park payment service consistently gets a 4.6 star rating out of 5.

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Cashless payment solutions for retailers

Our cashless payment service allows drivers to find nearby parking in less than 30 seconds, park and pay via our app. There’s no need to touch keypads, push buttons or handle cash. It’s the smartest way to manage and optimise car park occupancy and keep customers and staff safe.

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Confirmation of loyal and new drivers

Signing up

A checkbox appears when a driver checks out of a listing that accepts AutoPay, asking if they would like to pay automatically in future.

Adding vehicles

Drivers can select existing vehicles from the list or add a new one in just a few taps. We’ll even do a DVLA check to find the right make, model and type if drivers submit the wrong vehicle registration mark (VRM).

Choosing a payment method

Drivers can pick an existing payment option or choose a new one – this will be their preferred method of payment for AutoPay.

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