Hassle-free & easy

With AutoPay drivers can simply park - no more queuing at machines or rummaging for cards and cash. The AutoPay system recognises when a car enters and exits the car park, then automatically charges for the parking session. Hassle-free and easy to use. Also, it significantly increases parking compliance. Win win. 

Parking space with electric vehicle charging point

A seamless journey. From start to finish. 


The driver arrives at the entry barrier to the car park.


ANPR cameras register the number plate & time of entry.


If set up, the JustPark app starts the AutoPay session.



Upon leaving, the driver heads to the exit barrier.


ANPR cameras register the number plate & time of exit.


The AutoPay session ends and the driver is charged.

Why AutoPay makes sense for you and your customers

  • A smooth experience for drivers: they don’t need to think about payment

  • It’s 100% touchless.

  • It’s fail-proof: if AutoPay can’t be processed, drivers can always checkout manually.
  • An attractive feature for loyal drivers.

  • A competitive edge for your car park.

  • A reliable method of receiving driver payment.

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