A beautiful coast line street busy with parked cars

Car park solutions for tourist destinations

With our award-winning parking solution, you can control the number of visitors, offer safe and convenient cashless payment options and maximise your car park revenue. 

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A beautiful coast line street busy with parked cars


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Stay in full control of your car park

Most tourist destinations have limited parking spaces and during peak seasons, it’s difficult to manage large crowds and the number of vehicles in car parks. Post Covid-19, there’s also a bigger demand for cashless payment options to avoid common touchpoints.

With this in mind, we designed a new parking solution for tourist destinations. This hybrid solution combines the flexibility of cashless parking and control, and the guaranteed revenue from pre-booking. When your car park is at full capacity, a daily cap kicks in to avoid overbooking and congestion.


Why it works for tourist destinations

Select Benefit

Touchless technology

JustPark app and parking solutions

Encourage contactless arrivals

Range of payment methods

No need to keep cash onsite

Control the number of visitors

Avoid over occupancy during peak times

Manage your car park more sustainably

Less pressure on your staff

Save time looking for parking

Handle PCN appeals with back-office audit trails

Fairer, more transparent enforcement

A community of 4.5m drivers

Improved community relations

Drivers can plan and book ahead

Advance payments for smoother visits

Car parking and journeys

Reduce unnecessary journeys

Manage expectations better

Client Success Stories

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Innovative parking solutions for tourist destinations

Our hybrid parking solution won the V-Innovate award in 2020. It combines cashless and pre-book technology, with a daily cap when your car park reaches full capacity. It’s the smartest way to manage car park occupancy and keep visitors and staff safe.

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Pre-book and pay

Visitors choose your location, reserve a date and time slot and pay in advance. We send them a confirmation text, email or notification.


They show your staff the confirmation text, email or notification, enter and park.


They leave the car park when their session has expired.

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