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With our pre-book platform and cashless payment solutions, you’ll cut your day-to-day running costs, have less admin to do and give your customers a greater parking experience.

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13 million+
£300+ million
generated for businesses
2 million+
bookings per year

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car park.

As a parking operator, finding low-cost, yet effective ways to manage your car parks and keep customers happy is important. Your staff is hard at work to make sure things run smoothly, so you don’t want to add to their workload.

With our range of cashless solutions, you can save both time and money – giving your customers a seamless parking experience, from beginning to end. Our technology is quick and easy to integrate into your systems, requires no maintenance and will help you make data-driven decisions. So you can optimise your car parks and earn more revenue.

We provide tailor-made solutions for car parks across the UK

“We have now been working with JustPark for a number of years… we have found the performance and service of JustPark to be superior in terms of both revenue generation and booking numbers.

On average, from a total sample size of circa 1,500 bookings, the number of pre-booked events JustPark achieved was on average circa 100% higher than competitors. Bookings peaked at 183% higher on one site with the lowest being 42% higher"

Gavin Povey, Group Nexus Director

Our Roadmap to Success

Maximised Revenue Generation
• A new, hassle-free revenue stream.
• Spaces visible to 13 million drivers.
• Connected across all driver profiles.
• Optimised yield through marketplace bookings.

Seamless Parking for Everyone
• Drivers find and book spaces within 30 seconds.
• 5-star customer service for all drivers.
• Fully automated car park management
• Various payment options: Pay On Arrival/Exit,
AutoPay and LatePay.

Full Car Park Visibility
• Valuable operational insights.
• Clear financial reporting.
• Real-time data to improve performance.
• Detailed monthly reports.

Our 360 CRM Platform
• Targeted promotions and offers.
• Personalised and contextualised messaging.
• Data-driven driver segmentation,
• Upselling opportunities.

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