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Integrated solutions for parking enforcement

With our cashless and pre-book payment solutions, you will know who is in your car park and how long they should be there for. Improving your driver relationships and PCN processes.

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A car park enforcer outside an office building


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Visibility on who uses your car parks

As a parking enforcement company, finding ways to improve your processes but remain effective in enforcing parking rules is important for both reputation and efficiencies. And when it comes to penalty charge notices (PCNs), you want to be compliant.

With our range of cashless and pre-book solutions, you can see exactly who is in your car parks and how long they are going to be there for. Our technology is quick to integrate and easy to monitor. So you can optimise your enforcement operations and help maintain a fair reputation. 


Why it works for parking enforcement

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Provide easy payment systems so drivers can manage their stay

Real-time API links for better enforcement

Handle PCN appeals with back-office audit trails

Fairer, more transparent enforcement

Smart back-office capabilities to help cut admin time

No need to maintain P&D machines

Reduce costs and lower risks

Low costs and no hidden fees

Limited or no input from you or your staff

Full visibility of occupancy, pricing and revenue

Increase return on investment and hit targets

Instant revenue reports for one or more sites

View reliable real-time data at any time

Manage the financial performance of your site

Dedicated support teams for you and drivers

#1 ranked parking app

A community of 4.5m drivers

Trusted by over 5 million drivers

Confirmation of loyal and new drivers

96% average rating (500,000+ reviews)

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Setting up your account

It won't take long for our dedicated operations team to set up your account and get your car parks onto the back office system. We can also integrate our systems with any hardware you may be operating.

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We’ll create your account, and add each of your car parks to our payment app and Luna reporting system. We will also undertake hardware integration where required.

Day to day operations

Our systems will provide live payment and parking data to your enforcement teams enabling them to manage their car parks.

Smart back-office portal

The back end systems will provide you with the parking data in which to enhance your PCN processes.

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