A busy hotel car park

Car park solutions for hotels

With our award-winning technology, you can treat parking spaces like your rooms. By optimising your hotel car park, you’ll earn additional revenue and give your guests a first-class parking experience at the same time.

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A busy hotel car park


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Make the most of your hotel car park

The guest experience is everything - and that includes parking. Your staff work around the clock to accommodate visitors and typically don’t have much time to deal with parking admin. And during quiet periods, there is an alternative, yet discreet way to generate additional revenue.

With our pre-book solution, guests can reserve their own parking and by monetising underused spaces outside peak seasons, you’ll unlock an ancillary revenue stream. Luna, our intelligent all-in-one platform is secure and easy to implement. It also gives you full visibility of occupancy and performance, while accurate reporting simplifies accounting and cuts admin time for staff.

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Why it works for hotels

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Get bookings from over 5 million JustPark drivers

Implement pricing based on demand

Optimise car parks during low-performing periods

Reduce costs and lower risks

No or low implementation costs

Free up time for front-of-house staff

Change guest bookings in less than 60 seconds

Easily manage parking for guests, staff and events

Eliminate admin errors

Have full visibility of occupancy, pricing and revenue

Get instant revenue reports for one or more sites

Increase return on investment and hit targets

Manage your site to increase financial performance

Implement flexible operating days or hours

White-label, hotel-branded checkout

Bespoke signage for your hotel

Dedicated JustPark support team to resolve issues

No driver interaction with front of house

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An intelligent data platform for hotels

Luna, our all-in-one platform, gives you full visibility of your car park occupancy, pricing and revenue. Once you’re set up, you can easily book parking, view sessions, add or remove drivers and get consolidated reports. With these insights, you can optimise your car park and maximise earnings, even during quiet periods.

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Book parking on behalf of guests and add the cost to their hotel bill.

Car park insights

See real-time data and key graphics about car park occupancy and compare figures with previous years.

Finance and reporting

View all completed and refunded transactions at a glance and get revenue reports in just two clicks.

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