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Insurance while parked for drivers - no more stress about parking damage for them or disputes for you.

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What is Parking Peace of Mind?

Vehicle insurance while parked

Parking Peace of Mind is a new product drivers can purchase with their successful space booking - in case of any damage to their vehicle during their parking session, their insurance excess of up to £1,000 will be covered. This comes with many benefits for you:

• Insurance is only offered after a booking is successfully completed to avoid interfering with the driver’s transaction.
• Drivers are more likely to return to a car park when they are offered the option of insurance.

• Insurance gives drivers a clear route to compensation, preventing complaints in the event of damage.

How it works

After completing a parking transaction on JustPark, drivers are offered the opportunity to add insurance.

If something happens whilst they are parked, we’ll refund the excess paid on the driver’s insurance claim up to £1,000.

In a global first this will be charged at an hourly fee.

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