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How does it work? Easy. Your drivers book their parking as normal through the JustPark app. Then, as a Business Account user, they just add their corporate payment details when they’re paying. This allows you to easily track, manage & pay for parking on a monthly basis.

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Onboarding your business

With a JustPark Business account, you’ll wave goodbye to the days of chasing receipts, paying multiple monthly invoices & being hit with expensive PCNs and say hello to simple, centralised payments and reporting.
And, thanks to our clever data tool, you’ll get live-tracking of parking sessions, helpful insights & much more.

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We’ll create your account, ask you to add a payment card and set you up on our back-office portal.

Using your account

Add as many drivers as needed so they can pay via your corporate payment source. You will then be able to enjoy the simplicity of monthly receipts and pay for your parking with one single payment at the end of each month.

Smart back office portal

Keep an eye on all transactions, receive monthly emailed receipts and streamline parking expenses by having everything in one place.

Book your parking in advance

Plan ahead and book your parking for added peace of mind. The easy navigation and detailed parking instructions within the app make parking stress-free, allowing you to book, park& get on with your day.


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Book better parking with a business account

Across the UK the average driver spends 44 hours per year searching for a parking space, costing the UK economy more than £23bn annually in wasted time, fuel and emissions. Overpaying for parking costs drivers up to £209 each per year and fines total £1.2 billion per annum*.

No matter the size, when you have a fleet of vehicles driving around the country, or parked up at night, the last thing you want them to be doing is spending valuable time searching for parking.

A business account from us can cost up to £4 per driver, per month. And once you’re set up, drivers can book short or long-term parking at a nearby location at a fraction of what other providers offer. That’s because we partner with hotels, business parks and public car parks to offer competitive rates.

Using our platform, you can add or remove drivers in just a few clicks and pay for all business parking through a simple monthly payment. And you'll enjoy reduced admin time and effort with our centralised recording of receipts.

*Source: Inrix Research: The Impact of Parking Pain in the US, UK and Germany, 2017.