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11 January 2007, London is a new and innovative system of parking which provides affordable, penalty-free and secure spaces around public venues by enabling property-owners with empty driveways, garages and car parks to rent them out to drivers needing somewhere to park.

Motorists on their way to a train station, airport, hospital or sports stadium for example, can make an arrangement with a homeowner to use his or her driveway on a one-off or regular, short-term or long-term basis.

With penalty notices landing on windscreens at a record rate and so-called 'parking rage' causing fights between drivers, a service which makes parking that bit less costly, restricted and stressful and which improves access to public places, is being encouraged. was founded by 23 year-old Anthony Eskinazi whilst on holiday in San Francisco back in June 2006.

Since the service launched just over three months ago, has featured on BBC radio stations, in nearly all the national newspapers including The Times, The Daily Express and The Observer and in an array of international media.

Homeowners currently advertising their space on are earning as much as £5,500 a year and elderly and disabled drivers, commuters on their way to work and mums needing easy-to-access parking around shops and schools are just some of the people benefiting from the service. is being welcomed as a green solution to parking. By reducing on-street parking, the service will help ease traffic congestion, thereby making the roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians and more accessible for public transport and emergency vehicles. It will also cut down the amount of carbon emitted by vehicles circumnavigating areas in search of a parking space. And by improving parking around major public transport hubs, will encourage people to use their cars for part of their journey only and the train, tube or bus for the remainder of it ($The department of Transport predicts that car ownership will soar by forty five per cent in the UK in the next twenty five years).

If residents around town centres lend their support to, the website will improve access to high streets, encouraging shoppers and visitors into the area and helping local businesses flourish.

If you would like more information about, including testimonials or other photos, or if your readers would like advice about how to promote the service in their area, please visit the website. confronts the reality of car use and seeks to minimise the impact of motorised vehicles on the environment and community.

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