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Covid-19 is changing the way we commute. What does it mean for business?

Frani Heyns | Copywriter at JustPark

Only a few months ago, life at home and the office resembled a steady stream of well-known routines. The majority of employees in London would take buses, trains and the underground to the office and mingle with co-workers in enclosed spaces. 

But with the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic, the landscape of work has changed dramatically and forced businesses to think of other ways to operate.

From home working to going back to the office

When the government announced their stay-at-home policy at the end of March, many businesses scrambled to get the right measures in place to help their employees work from home. This meant fast tracking new technologies, implementing alternative ways of doing business and quickly responding to the issues that came with remote working.  

But now, as the government eases restrictions, businesses face a new challenge: getting their employees back to the office in a way that is safe and reduces the risk of Covid-19 infections. 

To guide businesses, the government has introduced a blueprint for working safely during Covid-19. This detailed document sets out the new realities of work in offices, contact centres and operation rooms. From measuring risk and enabling social distancing to cleaning the workplace and improving ventilation, the current rules will continue to shape new behaviours amongst employees, visitors and customers.

New challenges for businesses and commuters

The news that workers may start to return to the workplace is a relief for many. But with it comes new challenges. The government has advised against the use of public transport and encourages employees to walk or cycle to work instead. 

The Department for Transport (DfT) is guiding local authorities on managing their road networks and allocating more space to encourage walking and cycling, and enable social distancing on pavements. The Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps, announced a £2bn package to help boost cycling and walking capacity. Some of these initiatives include building emergency bike lanes and trialling rental e-scooters. 

But despite these forward-thinking measures and huge investments, many employees won’t be able to walk or cycle to work for various reasons. And this unprecedented shift away from public transport creates new challenges for organisations. 

Businesses now need to think of alternative ways to help get their employees to work. Those who cannot walk or cycle, but prefer to drive, have to find parking in close proximity to the office. 

Many offices don’t have parking facilities and will have to locate available spaces nearby and make sure employees can park and pay without being exposed to common Covid-19 touchpoints, such as Pay and Display machines. 

Parking in cities are often charged at premium rates and the demand usually far exceeds supply. Employees who drive will soon discover the costly expense of parking. And by claiming it back, businesses will face greater parking expenses than ever. 

Helping businesses get moving again

Right now, we’re working with many businesses across the country to solve these challenges and help get their employees back to the office safely and within government guidelines.

With our Business Account, we help organisations to find parking spaces for their employees at a location that’s close to the office. Once they’re set up, businesses can book and pay for short and long-term parking in advance or on-the-go, at a fraction of what other providers offer. They’ll be able to add or remove drivers at any time and allocate parking spaces in line with a phased return – without the administrative burden. 

Employees can also book a parking space for themselves and pay using a personal or business account. 

Our back-office portal makes it easy to see past, present and future bookings, and manage the schedules of those returning to the office. We also generate monthly reports, detailing the previous month’s activities, parking locations, times and costs. With our platform’s user-friendly reporting and helpful spend summaries, businesses can save time on admin and simplify expenses, billing and accounting.

For drivers, this means less time searching for parking and the peace of mind of knowing they’ll have a guaranteed space throughout their workday. Our business parking solution is also cashless and touchless, which means they don’t have to handle cash or press the buttons of Pay and Display machines.

Parking solutions for everyone

Currently, we have numerous locations available. Business can also decide on the car park features they want, including barriers, CCTV and height restrictions. 

In many cases, we offer all-day parking where there are usually maximum stays, so employees don’t have to keep an eye on the clock and worry about getting a fine. 

There’s the option to book daily or long-term, and with a range of pricing costs, we cater for every budget. 

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About the author

Frani Heyns joined JustPark as a copywriter in 2020. As part of the B2B Marketing team, she writes content for marketing and sales materials, social media and internal and external publications. 

Prior to joining JustPark, Frani worked at British Gas and NatWest to support their digital transformation programmes from a content perspective. She has an honours degree in Marketing and Advertising and a master’s degree in Management and Coaching. 

About JustPark

JustPark is reinventing parking for the digital age. Our popular app helps over 3.5 million drivers reserve and pay for a space in seconds, with 50,000+ locations available to reserve and pay for in advance. JustPark’s app is being used to park a car every 3 seconds, with 150,000+ customers joining the platform each month.

At JustPark, we’re dedicated to transforming mobility by building the largest decentralised network of space in the UK and cracking both sides of the market. We aim to give drivers more confidence and peace of mind by allowing them to pre-book and pay for parking without using cash. But we also allow asset owners and parking operators to earn more money from underutilised space with our data-led approach to occupancy optimisation – creating more room and supporting developments in mobility.

The JustPark platform aims to ensure that more people can make smarter, seamless and sustainable transport decisions.

Response to Data Incident

Dear Customers and Clients,

On Friday evening, 7th February, BBC Newsline ran a story reporting a “Major Data Breach” on the JustPark platform.

Early last Friday afternoon, a single business customer in Belfast was accidentally given elevated permissions, which allowed them to see basic data of other business users. This was not the result of a hack or a glitch and the information was not published on the JustPark website or leaked online. The business user informed our Customer Support team and once investigated, the access was immediately revoked. They also reported the incident to the media.

As is good practise, we informed the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) of the error. The ICO decided that, as only a single client had been given accidental access to the information, which had already been revoked, it was unlikely to be used maliciously. The ICO informed us that this did not constitute a major data breach and no further action was required. Despite this we filed a report with them, just to be safe.

This was an isolated incident that absolutely shouldn’t have happened and I unreservedly apologise for that. I want to reassure everyone that uses and relies on JustPark that we promptly identified, fixed and reported the issue to the ICO.

The report claimed that thousands of user account details were published on the JustPark website due to a glitch. The premise and detail of the story were alarmist and demonstrably inaccurate.

For the peace of mind of our customers, we can assure you that no password information was exposed and JustPark does not hold payment details on our servers. This client reported the issue to us immediately and therefore had no malicious intent with the elevated access they had been given in error.

Nevertheless, the error that allowed this one business user to have elevated access to profile information was our error and I’m sorry for any distress or uncertainty this has caused.

Anthony Eskinazi

Founder & CEO, JustPark

10 Years Of JustPark

JustPark Founder and CEO Anthony Eskinazi has a special announcement.

Today is a special day for everyone involved here at JustPark HQ – as well as each and every one of our million-plus drivers and space owners who regularly use the service the world over.

Why? Because on this day, a decade ago, I speculatively clicked ‘send’ on a press release about a whacky new idea which I’d had – unknowingly thereby signalling the birth of our business. I then went to work as usual, thinking nothing else of it.

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The Pursuit of the Perfect Parking Product

Here at JustPark, we’re forever looking for ways to make our website and apps even more fabulous – because we want all you wonderful drivers and space owners to absolutely love using them.

So it’s no surprise that behind the scenes with the product team at JP HQ, things move pretty quickly. They’re a superhuman bunch who live and breathe tech – and work incredibly hard in the name of pain-free parking.

To give you an insight into this world of parking product professionals, we invited JustPark Product Manager Jeyda Heselton to share with us her top tips for a winning website. Take it away, Jeyda!

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JustPark Integrates With Android Pay

android_pay_logo_rgb_fc_dark (1)We’ve got some really exciting news to share with you – an announcement that we hope will be music to the ears of all our Android app users.

Everyone’s favourite little green robot has today unveiled the latest trick up its sleeve – and it’s going to revolutionise online and offline payments for Androiders.

Introducing brand-new, hot off the production line…

Android Pay!

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The New JustPark Android App – With Navigation From WAZE

You may have noticed that a couple of weeks ago we launched our brand spanking new Android app – and, at the risk of sounding a little biased, we think it’s a pretty nifty bit of kit.

New Year, New App
The whole app has been completely redesigned and it’s crammed full of updates, improvements and some very exciting new features too. Check out the handsome devil below:

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The Ultimate Christmas Driving Playlist

As much as the dulcet tones of Chris Rea portray Christmas on the road as a calm and romantic experience, most of us know the harsh truth…

Driving at Christmas is hectic and stressful – and if but one flake of snow should fall in this country so completely incapable of dealing with the weather, you should probably not even venture outside.

Luckily, for those braving it, we’re here to make those hours stuck behind the wheel a little more bearable – with our ultimate Christmas driving playlist. Come rain or snow, from the M1 to the B310, we’ve got your back (and your ears)…

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apple pay

JustPark Integrates With Apple Pay

Do you remember the first sci-fi film you ever saw? We do. The year is 1989. The film is Back To The Future II, our parking startup is just a twinkle in the milk float’s eye, and the film features a fingerprint scanner lock on a door.

It’s now 2015 (the year Marty travelled to in the Delorean. Goosebumps). The future is here, and biometric technology is the reality of the everyday. Apple Pay is the latest fingerprint scanning story to hit the headlines, and we’re thrilled to say that JustPark was one of a select bunch of companies chosen by Apple to showcase its wizardry for the launch of Apple Pay UK, alongside the likes of Pret, Boots and Uber.

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