The Ticket To Pain-Free Airport Parking:
Interview With A #ParkingLegend

Rejoice. Holiday season is nearly here!

Factor 50? Check. Passport? Check. Comedy sunglasses? CHECK. Airport parking… check?

Airport parking has earned itself a bad name over the years, thanks to the fact that it sometimes cost more than the flights themselves. Or even (shudder) the whole holiday. We caught up with Jane C, a keen traveller and JustPark driver who discovered the secret to beating the system on a recent trip to Malaga.

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Interview With A #ParkingLegend:
Pete Browne, Pro Rugby Player And Pro JustParker

It’s always a pleasure to connect with our ever-growing community of parking legends. This week our Sam Mellor caught up with London Welsh rugby player Pete Browne, who has a trio of reasons to love JustPark: he’s a space owner, driver AND an investor. We quizzed him on why JustPark is great for rugby fans as well as players, and what he spends the earnings from his parking space on.

He also tells us what parking and rugby have in common. Read on for the ultimate epiphany.

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Interview With A #ParkingLegend:
Ian Woolcott, Bristol

There’s more to parking than tyres and tarmac. We love meeting the people powering the JustPark platform, and this week we had a chat with Ian Woolcott – a space owner in Bristol and mechanic by trade – to find out who he is, how he JustParks, and why he’s generally awesome.

Fun fact: a “knight in shining armour” to many a motorist, Ian once won an award for swimming through a lake to rescue a stranded Land Rover when a fishing trip went horribly wrong. Safe to say he’ll always have a special plaice in our hearts.

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From Coventry To Snowdonia:
A #ParkingLegend Feat. John, Ceilia, And A Train Called Linda

Loads of drivers use JustPark once or twice to save a few quid on parking. At the same time, thrifty space owners in the farthest-flung reaches of the UK are using the money they earn with JustPark to make dreams come true. Read on for the story of two teachers’ escape to the country – and what may well be the most picturesque parking spaces on the JustPark platform.

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Football Crazy, Parking Mad: Meet The Away Day #ParkingLegends

At JustPark, we love celebrating our wonderful, eclectic mix of drivers. This week our community champion Sam Mellor takes a peek into the high-octane life of the travelling football fan and the unwavering commitment to the chosen team that goes with the territory. Here are 5 certified #ParkingLegends who found some space, picked their spot and secured 3 points (well, hopefully not on the licence)…

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