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JustPark Integrates With Apple Pay

Do you remember the first sci-fi film you ever saw? We do. The year is 1989. The film is Back To The Future II, our parking startup is just a twinkle in the milk float’s eye, and the film features a fingerprint scanner lock on a door.

It’s now 2015 (the year Marty travelled to in the Delorean. Goosebumps). The future is here, and biometric technology is the reality of the everyday. Apple Pay is the latest fingerprint scanning story to hit the headlines, and we’re thrilled to say that JustPark was one of a select bunch of companies chosen by Apple to showcase its wizardry for the launch of Apple Pay UK, alongside the likes of Pret, Boots and Uber.

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“Oh, I won’t ever forget that one!” JustPark investor Ivan tells us his worst parking nightmare

When we completed our crowdfunding round in March earlier this year, we added a-whole-nother dimension to the JustPark tribe: our new investors. Thousands of them. We had a hunch that this was going to be interesting, and we were right. It’s been a delight getting to know the people behind the share certificates.

Meet Ivan, a regular in the JustPark community inbox. (We can’t tell you his last name, but rest assured he’s almost definitely either Batman or The Stig.) Here’s what happened when we probed him about all things parking and beyond.

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The JustPark iPhone App Now Also Serves Space Owners

A few months ago we released a new and improved JustPark iPhone app to make life easier for drivers. A walk in the park, even, with thousands of bookable spaces at their fingertips.

But that’s only one half of the story.

We’ve been working hard since then to make life easier for our space owners too, and we’re psyched to announce that our latest app update, V 2.1, has been turbo-charged for this very purpose. Without further ado: here’s the lowdown on the JustPark app’s additional features that will benefit any space owner who already has a space listed with us.

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Interview With A #ParkingLegend:
Pete Browne, Pro Rugby Player And Pro JustParker

It’s always a pleasure to connect with our ever-growing community of parking legends. This week our Sam Mellor caught up with London Welsh rugby player Pete Browne, who has a trio of reasons to love JustPark: he’s a space owner, driver AND an investor. We quizzed him on why JustPark is great for rugby fans as well as players, and what he spends the earnings from his parking space on.

He also tells us what parking and rugby have in common. Read on for the ultimate epiphany.

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