From Picnics To Parking:
Your Guide To A Wonderful Wimbledon

In less than a week’s time, all eyes will be trained on a small corner of south west London as the world’s top tennis stars take to the courts to compete at Wimbledon. Pimm’s and prosecco, strawberries and cream, Cliff Richard and rain delays – the Championships are an institution, and so fabulously English that they should have a voiceover by Stephen Fry.

In anticipation of the feast of tennis to come, we’ve put together some ace (ha ha) advice on how to make the most of your Wimbledon experience.

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“Oh, I won’t ever forget that one!” JustPark investor Ivan tells us his worst parking nightmare

When we completed our crowdfunding round in March earlier this year, we added a-whole-nother dimension to the JustPark tribe: our new investors. Thousands of them. We had a hunch that this was going to be interesting, and we were right. It’s been a delight getting to know the people behind the share certificates.

Meet Ivan, a regular in the JustPark community inbox. (We can’t tell you his last name, but rest assured he’s almost definitely either Batman or The Stig.) Here’s what happened when we probed him about all things parking and beyond.

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The Ticket To Pain-Free Airport Parking:
Interview With A #ParkingLegend

Rejoice. Holiday season is nearly here!

Factor 50? Check. Passport? Check. Comedy sunglasses? CHECK. Airport parking… check?

Airport parking has earned itself a bad name over the years, thanks to the fact that it sometimes cost more than the flights themselves. Or even (shudder) the whole holiday. We caught up with Jane C, a keen traveller and JustPark driver who discovered the secret to beating the system on a recent trip to Malaga.

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Clapham Church Raises Nearly £5,000 For Community Outreach By Renting Out Car Park

Think churches were left behind by the digital revolution? Think again! Peer-to-peer parking involves more than just private driveways and commercial enterprises. An empty car park is the holy grail, and entrepreneurial churches up and down the country are jumping on the opportunity to turn their empty spaces into a source of income by renting them out online.

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From Coventry To Snowdonia:
A #ParkingLegend Feat. John, Ceilia, And A Train Called Linda

Loads of drivers use JustPark once or twice to save a few quid on parking. At the same time, thrifty space owners in the farthest-flung reaches of the UK are using the money they earn with JustPark to make dreams come true. Read on for the story of two teachers’ escape to the country – and what may well be the most picturesque parking spaces on the JustPark platform.

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C Is For Cruise Control:
Highlights From The JustPark Community

Sharing economy communities are a breeding ground for the “Pay It Forward” ethos, and the JustPark gang of space owners is no exception. As evidenced by this crop of testimonials, the stories we hear about them going the extra mile for drivers parking at their space are abundant. What many people consider to be the downside to parking on a stranger’s driveway – that it’s someone else’s private property – more often than not turns out to be the upside…

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