The Ultimate Christmas Driving Playlist

As much as the dulcet tones of Chris Rea portray Christmas on the road as a calm and romantic experience, most of us know the harsh truth…

Driving at Christmas is hectic and stressful – and if but one flake of snow should fall in this country so completely incapable of dealing with the weather, you should probably not even venture outside.

Luckily, for those braving it, we’re here to make those hours stuck behind the wheel a little more bearable – with our ultimate Christmas driving playlist. Come rain or snow, from the M1 to the B310, we’ve got your back (and your ears)…

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Sleighbells Bling: 11 Ways To Bring Christmas Into Your Car

‘Tis the season to be committing crimes against tastefulness! Need help accessorising your car for Christmas? We’ve got your back. And your dashboard. And your glove compartment.

Obviously we’d all rather be driving a sleigh down the slopes of Lapland, rather than a rust-bucket down the gridlocked M1, but one must seek other ways to scratch that festive itch until the next ice age comes. Here are 11 products that say “I LOVE CARS AND I LOVE CHRISTMAS AND I DON’T CARE WHO KNOWS IT.”

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